Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell have a surprise reunion at the Emmys

Ouch, there it is! At Primetime Emmy Awards Monday night ceremony, former child star and lifelong comedian Kenan Thompson served as host. It’s the latest milestone for the actor since his days at Nickelodeon alongside Kel Mitchell appearing on shows like All that et Kenan et Kel. Fans of the duo will also remember their co-star in the 1997 comedy Bon hamburger.

During the Emmys, Thompson could be seen at the bar run by Kumail Nanjiani. Thompson encourages her to take an order from a nearby customer who has her head down on the counter. After Thompson nudges the man, he reveals himself to be Mitchell, and the two act very giddy to see each other again.

“Can we get you a drink or something?” asked Thompson.

“You know what, can I have a Good Burger? Mitchell replied.

“Make it two good burgers,” added Thompson, before the two embarked on their kung fu, moves together.

Kenan et Kel aired for four seasons on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. Starring Thompson and Mitchell as Chicago’s two best friends, the series won “Favorite TV Show” at the Kids’ Choice Awards in 1998. The duo’s collaborations are also extended to large screens with the Bon hamburger film in 1997, starring Mitchell reprising the role of Ed he played in the Good Burger sketches on the comedy sketch show All that.

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Good Burger 2 talks have heated up

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“It’s great that people love Bon hamburger after all these years, even Jimmy Fallon,” Mitchell told us. “When he asked us to do that, we were like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’ and to see the standing ovation in the audience and everyone going crazy… that was the gift that just keeps on giving.”

He added, “You never know what can happen…the fans really want a sequel…would I do a sequel? Yes, of course. We like Good Burger.

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