Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams Has a Message for Emmy Nominees

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams has a message for all the Emmy nominees ahead of Monday’s ceremony.

“Hello, I’m Wednesday Addams. Netflix’s Faceless Suits explained to me that y’all are competing for a golden statuette,” the video begins. “Apparently you believe it will give you validation and fill that lonely void inside of you. Spoiler alert. This will not be the case. »

Posted on the official Twitter account for the upcoming Netflix series, the 30-second video casts Ortega as “the tortured writer, emphasizing torture.” Eyes dead into the camera, she shares her sage advice with the prize candidates:

“I suggest you do what I do: embrace the void,” she says. “Wrap it around you like a cold, damp blanket. »

The snippet also features beloved Addams Family member “Thing” — a disembodied hand that’s eager to help, if “you still need a pat on the back” from disappointment, according to Wednesday.

But sharing a friendly tip wasn’t enough to appease the ‘faceless suits’ at the latest’s home. Addams Family adaptation.

“@Netflix’s Faceless Suits asked me to ‘Congratulations’ to tonight’s Emmys nominees,” the account said in a tweet minutes after the video was posted. “I warned them. » Instead of a good congratulationsa follow-up tweet simply listed a handful of nominees, including Ted Lasso, Succession, Squid Game, et stranger things.

Do not be too bitter, Wednesday, you will have them next year.

Tim Burton says Ortega was perfect for Wednesday’s role, and Christina Ricci agree

Between her role as Lorraine in Ti West’s X and appearing in the last episode of the Scream franchise, Jenna Ortega secured her position as the Scream Queen to watch and Wednesday Director Tim Burton says it was a natural fit to cast her in the dark comedy about chaos and the murder-loving underage.

“She’s like a silent film actress in the sense that she’s able to convey things without words,” Burton said in a featurette released by Netflix ahead of the show’s premiere. “To see the inner life and the intricacies was very exciting. And that’s why we’re very lucky to have Jenna because I can’t imagine another Wednesday. »

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And if Burton’s praise wasn’t enough, Ortega’s performance received the stamp of approval from the most iconic of Wednesday Addams herself: Christina Ricci.

“I have just had a very good experience on [the show] with Jenna, who’s amazing,” said the actress, who played Addams’ austere daughter in the 1990s. The Addams Family and its sequel. “I think now people are getting a taste of his Wednesday, and it’s going to be fantastic. »

the Netflix Wednesday is slated to premiere later this year, but the exact date is still TBA.


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