“It was a before and an after”


The couple is one of the most beloved by the public for their faithful love and companionship when facing life. In a few words, Camilo talked about how his wife, Evaluna Montaner, made him a better person and artist.

Camilo, Evaluna
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Indigo she is lucky, her parents Camilo Echeverry y Evaluate Montaner They love each other with all their hearts. The artists, who married in 2020 after years of dating, are one of the couples most loved by the public. And they have reasons to be.

Although at times they can generate controversy and contradictory opinions in the public, both reflect on their social networks the immense love they have for each other. And it seems that this one is contagious.

Camilo, Evaluna
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In a recent interview, Camilo was honest about how his life has changed, both personally and artistically, since he met his wife.

Camilo and Evaluna reveal the reason why they do not reveal Indigo’s face

Evaluna was a before and after in my creative process. Definitively, Evaluna allowed me to experience in the first person things that I was seeing before as in science fiction, as in the third person.“said the musician. “The love that I now feel, that I began to feel with her, before I saw it in the distance”.

Camilo, Evaluna
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But his words of love towards his wife did not end there. The Colombian spoke about what are the qualities of Evaluna that managed to change his way of seeing life

This is the photo of Camilo and Evaluna that caused displeasure in their fans.

It was your generosity that made me who I am, the generosity of your love. She loves me in some very special ways and makes me feel very valuable.“.

Evaluna Montaner, Camilo
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Because, just as he speaks wonders of the daughter of Ricardo Montaner, admits that it is the same attitude that his wife has with him constantly. Camilo explains that “that energetic blowout” that Evaluna transmits to him changed it because “sees things in me that I hadn’t seen before”.

I say ‘well, I am cool and suddenly this mustache is not something ugly, but it’s cool and suddenly these ideas that I have’. Her love changed me“, closed the singer.

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