he shares an alarming message, “it’s even worse what I have here”

Julien Tanti malade : il partage un message alarmant, "c’est encore pire ce que j’ai là "

The holidays are full of adventures and it is not Julien Tanti who will say the opposite. Recently, he was enjoying a family holiday in Sri Lanka. Only then, the couple of influencers and their children were attacked by a horde of monkeys at their residence. Fortunately, everything is back to normal.

Back home in Dubai, the star of Marseilles was not at the end of his troubles. As usual, he confided in his state of health, with his subscribers on Snapchat. The companion of Manon Marsault fell ill after his family vacation.

“I feel too bad the Fratés”

Iconic leader of Marseilles, Julien Tanti has made an impression over the years. It is in particular to him that we owe the famous book of problems. Present in the cast since the first season (2012), he missed, for the first time, the start of hostilities in The Marseillais in Dubai in 2021. The reason? Manon Marsault has tested positive for Covid-19. So he had to take care of their children, Tiago and Angelina.

The father of the family has already been contaminated by the Covid-19, and this, on several occasions. This time, however, it is a little more serious. On Snapchat, the famous reality TV candidate has indeed confided in his illness. His condition is far from good.

Julien Tanti @ Snapchat
Julien Tanti @ Snapchat

Julien Tanti wants to be reassuring

Anxious to reassure his subscribers, the great friend of Greg Yega again confided in his health problem, on January 23. He seems to be better after a good night’s sleep. Despite everything, Julien Tanti is not out of the woods yet.

Go my Fratés, we attack the day. I hope you’re doing well. It’s okay I had a good night, I didn’t wake up all night, I went straight. I slept straight away, it did me good, still a little sick, still very sick.

One thing is certain, Julien Tanti will seriously take care of his health for him and also for his family. Moreover, the one who settled his accounts with Nicolò Federico Ferrari has already faced this kind of situation. In any case, we wish him a speedy recovery.


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