he looks back on his relationship with his son, Arthur Jugnot

Gérard Jugnot : il revient sur sa relation avec son fils, Arthur Jugnot

Since January 12, the public can find Gérard Jugnot and his son Arthur on the stage of the Edouard VII theater in Paris. Indeed father and son are on the poster of the play Kiwi Day by Laetitia Colombani. In a recent interview for our colleagues from Europe 1, the actor of tanned confided in his relationship with his son. Explanations.

Gerard Jugnot @DR
Gerard Jugnot @DR

Gérard Jugnot asks a lot of Arthur

Gérard Jugnot and his son Arthur share more than a blood relationship and a family name. Both are really good actors. And for the very first time, the two men perform together in the theater in the play The day of the kiwi. Despite their blood ties, the daily life between the two men is not necessarily easy. Moreover, the actor tanned explains that he finds it difficult to dissociate his father/son relationship from his professional relationship. It must be said that he expects a lot from his son:

When he does his shows and I go to see him at the theater, I only see what is not good. And it sucks. There are baba parents, everything their children do is great. Me, I tend to be a bit… I want everything to be fine

Gerard Jugnot for Europe 1

As you therefore understand, Gérard Jugnot does not behave with his son as he would with any other actor. It is for this reason that the father of the family argues that it is, at times, complicated to work with the family. But this phenomenon is not a one-way street. Indeed, Arthur Jugnot also blames his dad for little things. For example, he finds the iconic French actor to be maniacal. This results in small bickering.

The pride of being able to go on stage with his son

The collaboration between father and son is therefore not always easy. However, these little hitches do not taint their beautiful relationship, and even less the chance that represents the fact of being able to go on stage with his son. Evidenced by the last words of the mythical interpreter of Bernard Morin in The Bronzed :“It’s quite touching to be able to do that and I think for the public, it’s quite funny”. And this happiness can be seen on stage. This is the main.


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