Gerard Piqué would be looking to fulfill his dream with Clara Chía Martí: what is it about

Gerard Piqué would be looking to fulfill his dream with Clara Chía Martí: what is it about

As detailed by the Spanish journalist, Jordi Martín, the footballer and the former waitress would be about to take the next big step in their relationship. Apparently, Piqué and Clara Chía want to have their first child together.

PREMIUM EXC Gerard Pique, Clara Chia Marti
Lagencia Press

Many say that there is no time for love, and this has shown us the relationship of Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia Marti. In addition to time, the drama around the couple seems not to affect their bond at all, but rather to strengthen it more and more.

The latest news around the ex of Shakira They would indicate that he has found the woman with whom to fulfill that dream that he left relegated with the Colombian. And it is nothing more and nothing less than having a child.

PREMIUM EXC Gerard Pique, Clara Chia Marti
Lagencia Press/ Grosby Group

Piqué is the father of two youngsters: Sasha y Milan. Both with Shakira. However, the Spanish soccer player always dreamed of having three children, a plan that the singer of Congratulations did not share

Shakira speaks for the first time of her separation: “I put everything I had in this relationship

This has been reported by the Spanish journalist Jordi Martinwho has followed the former couple in the sun and shadows since they announced their separation a few months ago.

During the Telecinco program socialite, the journalist and photographer pointed out that this decision could infuriate the Colombian. “It is something that is going to bother him because Shakira and Piqué had talked a lot. It was one thing the two of them couldn’t agree on.”, he began with his words.

PREMIUM EXC Gerard Pique, Clara Chia Marti
Lagencia Press

At first, it was thought that Jordi was referring to a possible wedding, since Gerard and Shakira never walked down the aisle in their almost 12 years together. However, the commitment that Piqué is looking for is really for life.

The journalist closed the report by assuring that this is something that “we could not imagine that they were going to do so soon.”

Gerard Piqué relaxes with Clara Chía while his company falls apart

Let’s remember that Gerard had already made known his wishes to be a father again. “I always wanted to have three. If there is a third party, welcome“he said in 2016 to Yes, I Am Famous. In the program, Piqué also assured that Shakira did not want anything to do with having another baby.

The couple moves near Shakira

The Colombian’s intentions were to move to Miami after the separation, although Piqué is making it quite difficult for her, especially with her children. Of course, as a father, he does not want to be separated from the children, although it is understood that the Colombian’s career will really be promoted in the United States.

To justify his decision not to give Shakira full custody of the children and thus be able to take them with her, the soccer player made a decision: he moved near the Colombian.

Shakira, Gerard Pique
Mega/The Grosby Group

However, he did not do it alone. Apparently, Clara Chía is living with the soccer player and it is not surprising at all, since the young woman already has a relationship with the children of her boyfriend.

According to the aforementioned journalist, the FC Barcelona player paid around 4 million euros for the property where they now live. It is located very close to the mansion where they lived together with Shakira and her children, Milan and Sasha.

PREMIUM EXC Gerard Pique, Clara Chia Marti
Lagencia Press/ Grosby Group

It is a new house that is located in a quite elite area of Barcelona and near where Shakira lives. I can assure you that the information is real. Gerard has deposited, I don’t know if it’s three or four million euros, in this new house and there he is going to live with Clara Chía”.

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