Emily Ratajkowski breaks the silence on her divorce with Sebastian Bear-McClard: “I feel angry”

Emily Ratajkowski breaks the silence on her divorce with Sebastian Bear-McClard:

The model, who has just been seen romantically with DJ Orazio Rispo, referred to her separation from Sebastian, the father of her child. Emily Ratajkowski states that she, despite being angry, believes that she “will be fine”.

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In an intimate interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Emily Ratajkowski states that she is angry about the separation with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. For the first time, the model is honest about the media situation she is experiencing, after she found out that McClard was unfaithful to her.

I feel all the emotions”, said the model, 31 years old, a Harper’s BAZAAR on its November cover. “I feel anger, sadness. I feel emotion, I feel joy, I feel lightness. Every day is different”, he continued.

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The only good thing I know is that I feel all those things, which is good because it makes me believe that I’ll be okay.”.

Emily Ratajkowski has a new love and it is already confirmed

The model was married for four years to Sebastian, with whom she shares her only one-year-old son, Sylvester.

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After a few weeks of breaking up with him for good, Emily has started exploring dating again. Among her conquests, there was talk of the Oscar winner, Brad Pitt. Although the most recent is DJ Orazio Rispowith whom she was photographed kissing and having a great time on a date night.

Emily Ratajkowski comes out as bisexual amid her infidelity and divorce dramas

Along these lines, Emily admits that returning to this field has made her rethink what she really expects from a partner or a date. Because she considers that she was always the “girl she wanted to like”, but she did not ask herself what she liked in a partner.

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I really wanted to be chosen”, he explained. “It was hard for me to go on a date with someone and think about how much I liked or disliked them. I would have been thinking about how they perceived me, what it meant, what they wanted from me, what it meant about my self-esteem”.

And continued: “Now it’s so much fun to go out to dinner with someone and say, ‘Great. I really enjoyed these parts of them. I really didn’t like these other parts’”.

Motherhood is her priority

When Emily revealed that she was becoming a mother and spoke about what this had done to her life, she said at the time that it was the best part of her life. And now, more than a year later, she confirms it again.

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Never before in my life have I had such clear priorities.“, said. “number one is sly [Sylvester Apollo Bear]and that’s it. It has made me re-evaluate what is important to melike, ‘What do I want to teach my son?‘”

Emily and Sebastian had a turbulent relationship. They’ve known each other for years, but decided to get married after days of starting dating. They announced her separation in July of this year after it became known that he had been unfaithful to her. Shortly after, Ratajkowski filed for divorce.

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