Emilia Clarke has taken a decision on returning to the Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke herself declared a near-certain conclusion to her expectations

If you’re not in an in-patient hospital for the past decade, you’re at a minimum familiar with the story in King’s Landing. The war for Westeros depicted by the HBO series Game of Thrones was a major cultural hit. Wherever you went, the show was there, dominating the world throughout the eight-season run. It was an unstoppable success. It was just an issue of time before the streaming service re-visited the work from George R. R. Martin. There are announcements of two additional series. In spite of hopes against the odds, Emilia Clarke confirmed that she would not be returning to the Kingdom of Westeros.

HBO Max released the news in November of 2018 that they will be launching a spin-off show named House of Dragons. According to the writer himself, the show would be based on the book Fire & Blood which chronicles House Targaryen’s journey to take over Westeros and claim the Iron Throne. Of course the moment HBO announced the series it was clear the possibility that Emilia Clarke couldn’t appear. Because it is set 300 years prior to time, the story doesn’t be logical. But there was a possibility of a future when she played the daughter of her Targaryen brand, Daenerys, for eight seasons. When she spoke to BBC, Emilia Clarke herself declared a near-certain conclusion to her expectations.

Emilia Clarke

With fans now getting an actual spin-off, with Kit Harrington returning as Jon Snow in the new series sequel There was a bit of thinking about the possibility that fans will have the opportunity to see their beloved Mother of Dragons reprise her role and make an appearance. Of course, her character’s demise in the show means that there will be some new loopholes. But that did not stop interviewers and fans alike from asking her whether she’d like to return to this world from Westeros. “No, I think I’m done,” Emilia Clarke said with a laugh. There was a certain ness and a definitive response. But, she did mention that she was watching the show with interest and as a new viewer since it happens long before the character she plays.

Although Emilia Clarke is likely finished, however, this isn’t necessarily good news for those who love this original show. If you’re hoping to have the chance to see the return of certain of your favorite characters from the past Gwendoline Christie has left the possibility up for Brienne of Tarth to be back on the screen. “I will never stop being interested in her,” she stated. The potential for Kit Harrington and Jon Snow to interact and play off one another is a fascinating possibility.

Whatever the work Emilia Clarke does after Game of Thrones It seems that she is unable to get away from the character that defined her career. Clarke has been in a variety of other series, including The Terminator as well as Star Wars, yet she remains in her role as the Mother of Dragons. Viewers will soon be introduced to an entirely different world filled with Targaryens in House of Dragons in the coming summer. In every scene and in every situation do not be shocked to see viewers wondering, “What would Daenerys do?”


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