BTS takes a break from music to join the South Korean military

BTS takes a break from music to join the South Korean military

The country’s government requires members of the K-Pop group to complete their military obligations to ensure the fairness of the mandatory military service. BTS would return in 2025.

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Being one of the most famous bands in the world of K-Pop does not seem to be enough for BTS discharge his civil obligations. The members of the successful group will be taking a break from their artistic careers in order to complete their mandatory military service in South Korea.

This was reported earlier in the week by the company that represents the iconic K-Pop group. This announcement puts an end to the debate that was established on the possible benefits of the group for its artistic achievements.

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In this way, the members of BTS must complete their two-year service. The first to enlist will be Jin, the eldest of the gang, who had already delayed his enlistment two years ago.

According to BigHit Music, he will enlist “as soon as he concludes his schedule for the release of his solo work at the end of October”.

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BigHit also said on Twitter that the company and the members of the group are “looking forward to reuniting as a group again around 2025 after your service”.

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This decision comes after the country’s Ministry of Culture previously said they would evaluate the possibility of granting the group an exemption. However, this generated some controversy because it is not considered correct that, because they are famous, they are released from this responsibility.

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It was Lee Ki Sik, commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration, who told lawmakers last month that it would be “desirable” for BTS members to complete their military obligations. In this way, they would guarantee impartiality in the South Korean military service.

Opinion polls showed that public opinion was divided on whether BTS members should serve in the military or not.

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Under South Korean law, most men in good health must complete 18 to 21 months of military service. However, exemptions have been granted to athletes and artists who excel in international competitions associated with national prestige.

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