Who Are the ClanDestine? Why Do They need Kamala’s help

This week’s Ms. Marvel episode, “Destined” featured everything. A wedding and teenage superhero drama and even an action scene that was which was set against Bon Jovi. This last one feels particularly fitting since the group was created by Kamala Khan’s city in New Jersey (Bon Jovi’s home state). The best moment happens in the opening scene in which Kamala (Iman Vellani) is introduced to Najma, an unknown Najma (Nimra Bucha). Then, not only is Najma the mom of Kamran who is Kamala’s crush, but she also happens to be part of an interdimensional group referred to by the name of ClanDestine.

Who Are the ClanDestine?

Who Are the ClanDestine?

The ClanDestine was created by Alan Davis, the ClanDestine first was introduced and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #158. They are a superhuman group headed by a man named Adam Destine. Adam was a knight who discovered an astonishing fact: each time an injury was severe during battle, he recovered when he woke up with dreams of a woman who was mysterious. In one of his adventures, Adam met the warlord Al Kadhdhaab. Kadhdhaab employed his services to kill an evil wizard possessed by an all-powerful mystical gemstone. It turned out Kadhdhaab wanted the gem himself, and he was a traitor to Adam. Adam destroyed the gem and liberated the girl from his desires who was later named Elyath.

What are the Powers of ClanDestine?

Elyath employed her powers to transform Adam into immortal and almost invulnerable. The two were soon to get married. They were blessed with an entire line of children, each possessing their particular power. The baby Jasmine has incredible telepathic abilities; Albert can heal others and has learned to cast magic spells through the years. Newton is a genius with unbeatable intelligence; Dominic has superhuman senses; Samantha can control a living metal, which usually forms the shape of armor. Walter could transform into a huge and superhumanly strong beast and the twins who are youngest Rory and Pandora are able to manipulate the power of light and gravity, respectively.

Ms. Marvel & ClanDestine

The ClanDestine in Ms. Marvel seems to have more than just a few different characteristics from the comics they’re based on. There’s the interdimensional aspect. Although the ClanDestine had supernatural abilities however they are not the only ones. Elyath comes from another dimension. While the ClanDestine is comprised of a majority of Caucasian characters from the comics they are headed by the character of a Pakistani woman from the MCU in a different way that the show is tied to the culture of Kamala’s.

Why Do They need Kamala’s help?

Who Are the ClanDestine?

In the beginning, Namja is kind to Kamala and tells her more details about her grandma Aisha. She also requests Kamala’s assistance to get back home, since her bangle could have enough power to finish the task. However, when she realizes that the outcome could result in negative consequences, Kamala asks Kamran for extra time while she figures out how to proceed. This isn’t a good thing for Namja as she and the rest of ClanDestine members attack Kamala at her brother’s wedding. Although Damage Control shows up and is able to arrest them it’s safe to say that the second portion of the show will see them entering confrontation with Kamala yet again.

It is the presence of ClanDestine that results in a deeper cutting of Marvel Comics canon. In the beginning chapter of “Destined,” the ClanDestine is shown looking for the bangle Kamala is wearing, and Namja states that it’s one of two. It could be a reference to the cosmic artifacts, also known as Nega-Bands. They transform a person’s thoughts into energy. The Nega-Bands were developed by Kree. Kree and, as an apparent reference to the aliens, Namja finds the bangle in the form of an arm that is bright blue. The Nega-Bands could not only help explain the new powers of Kamala, but they also provide her a deeper connection to her hero Carol Danvers since Danvers got her powers via a Kree experiment too.


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