After months of trauma, Lauren Goodger talked about the significance of loving oneself

The 35-year-old ex-star of The Only Way Is Essex has just come through a very trying period after losing her infant daughter, Lauren Goodger, not long after birth.

The mother, Lauren Goodger, who also has a 1-year-old daughter named Lorena with her ex, Charles Drury, was allegedly assaulted on the day of baby Lorena’s funeral and sustained major facial injuries as a result.

Only a few weeks prior, Jake McLean, Lauren’s ex-partner, had perished in a car accident in Turkey.

Lauren Goodger ex-partner Jake McLean

Lauren Goodger recently opened up to followers about looking forward to the future in an emotional statement, saying she was determined that everything would be different this time next year despite having experienced more traumas than most people encounter in a lifetime.

Now that Lauren Goodger has treated herself to cosmetic surgery for the first time in years, she has opened up about how she is “finding me again.”

Lauren Goodger revealed her new therapy while posting a picture of herself on Instagram looking absolutely lovely and beaming.

In her first post in a while, she wrote to her 850,000 followers. I’m taking all the self-love I can on this road to recovery.

It’s been two years since I’ve had work done on my face, and the icon complimented the personnel at a nearby cosmetics store for “making me feel pretty again.”

I had two children back-to-back and experienced a lot of heartbreak, pain, and tragedies, but I am now rediscovering myself.

 Lauren Goodger

“It’s going to take time for my body shape to come back and my mind to quit overthinking, but slowly I am on the road,” the former Towie legend continued.

Lauren Goodger concluded the picture with the hashtag “self-love,” noting that she had anti-wrinkle, lips, and nose work done.

Following her upbeat tweet, Lauren received a deluge of encouraging words, with Love Island actress Chloe Crowhurst writing: “You look lovely.”

Natalie Richardson, a stalwart of Life on Mars, described Lauren as having a “wonderful soul,” and a fan was astounded by the fact that Lauren was “so strong and such an inspiration and she doesn’t even know it.”

‘Take care of yourself, Lauren. Another person added, “I don’t even know you, but with what you’ve been through, self-care is always a priority.”

After recently thanking followers for their encouragement over the past few weeks and confessing that she felt “broken,” Lauren Goodger published a new post.

To “share my experience [of] what I’ve been through… and hopefully it can be someone’s survival advice,” she promised to publish a book one day.

Lauren emphasized that she is “strong” and “I will not stay down” despite the enormous traumas she has experienced.

“I stand back up and continue moving.”

Lauren concluded her statement by expressing hope for the future: “This time next year, how different life will be. I have aspirations in this awful time of sorrow.”

The reality star also recently disclosed a tattoo she received in memory of baby Lorena, adding her late daughter’s ashes to the design to make it “more precious.”

Lauren got her name and a butterfly tattooed on the side of her forearm as a touching memorial to the tiny girl.

So her ashes were tattooed on my Lorena tattoo, she said. It’s unique in some way.

“Her ashes are now permanently inked into me.”


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