Why is Vivek Agnihotri getting distracted by the success of Brahmastra?

Success breeds confidence. Just as many people start getting drunk, in the same way, the intoxication of success also creates overconfidence. The line between confidence and overconfidence is very thin and a man does not know when and how he has crossed it.

Vivek Agnihotri, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’, one of the most successful films of this year, has become outspoken. Have started questioning the success of others. Some people are unable to tolerate the success of Karan Johar’s film ‘Brahmastra’ and are questioning the collection of the film.

Brahmastra has left behind ‘The Kashmir Files’ in terms of box office collections and Vivek Agnihotri is unable to digest this. Vivek has tweeted that I don’t know how he beat ‘The Kashmir Files’ with sticks, rods, hockey, stone or AK47 or it is all paid PR or the work of influencers. Bollywood movies have to compete with each other. leave us alone. I am not a part of this bullshit race.

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Vivek may not have taken the name of ‘Brahmastra’ in the tweet, but those who understand have understood that the target is towards Brahmastra. A good filmmaker doesn’t worry too much about collections by making a good film. The success of Vivek’s film is bigger than the success of Karan Johar’s film if the budget is to be measured. And what’s the need to tweet when they’re not even a part of the ‘race’?

In the collection of Brahmastra, he is seeing the mischief of the PR team. One can also see mischief in the collection of ‘The Kashmir Files’. Actually there is no exact measure to measure Bollywood box office collection. Sometimes filmmakers release collections and have to believe in the same. Some Bollywood’s self-styled experts collect collections from a few cities and based on that estimate the collections across the country. But no one claims the exact collection.

Many people do not even understand the difference between gross and net collection. Talking about the gross collection, Brahmastra’s collection is still less than The Kashmir Files in India, but people are not able to understand. Vivek had to tell the difference by keeping his film’s net collection and Brahmastra’s net collection in front, which would have been more correct. But when it comes to the worldwide collection, Brahmastra seems to have an upper hand. The meanings of their own meanings are extracted from the data.

Vivek has made his mark as a settled and serious filmmaker. They should not waste their energy by jumping into such meaningless issues and getting entangled in nonsense.


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