Why did ‘Hush Hush’ actress Ayesha Julka take a break from acting?

Ayesha Julka earned her name in the film industry through films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar Khiladi and Kurban. Then for many times she kept her distance from this film industry or kept playing only occasional roles, but now once again Ayesha Jhulka is coming in front of the people.

Ayesha Julka has returned to the acting world with Amazon Prime’s recently released web series ‘Hush Hush’. Recently, during a conversation with the media, Ayesha Julka gave her views on many things. When asked that people show great interest in watching BTS of her personal and professional life, Ayesha said, “Now think of us, we are living a good life anyway.” We are living three lives together. One is living the life of the character you are seeing on screen.

He said, second is the life we ​​usually live when we are not shooting and meeting people and then the third one where our family members are living life with their very close friends. When so many lives are lived here together, then think about our condition and at the same time I also tell that with the character of every film, our new life also starts, then the matter starts looking very funny.

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Ayesha said, at the same time I also want to say that many such lives have been lived by many women around us. She is the mother, she is the daughter, she is the daughter-in-law, she is the mother-in-law or she is a woman going out for work and every character has to be played in the same manner. Meanwhile, Ayesha opened another first of her life in front of people, where she also does the work of handling stray animals.

One of you is also a Kathak dancer, how is he doing?

Kathak will always be my first love. I was some 3 years old when my mother tried to force me to dance. From the fifth year I started learning methodically from it and I was 7 years old when I gave my first performance on stage. I continued to learn dance for 13 years and I got a master in Kathak. My performances keep happening.

Although a lot of things keep going on these days, I am not able to devote that much time. But I also know that when I get a chance, I will turn back to Kathak. Hema Malini ji also keeps calling me many times. She dedicates herself well to dance, but at times different things stand in front of me. There are different occasions where I have to change my priorities for some time but one thing is certain, I will never leave Kathak.

So was it one of the reasons why he took a break from his films?

See I was very young when I entered the film industry and every age has its own dreams and you wish to fulfill them. I wanted to do a lot of work, earn a lot of money, take home, get a car. Then many times at that time we used to think that hey this is my very good friend, that’s why I have asked for the film, I should do it or Falana has requested me to do the film very lovingly, let me do the work. Or if there is a banner that is a big name, then work for it, the script is fine, it goes on.

That director is very good. Work for him but slowly after years of hard work I felt that I am not able to reach where I should have reached. For example, after doing films, I did a drama called Purush and directed by Vijaya Mehta. And he completely changed the way I thought about acting.

Would you like to tell the audience about it?

I thought, I step away from films a little. I stop working and then I did a play called Purush, the director was Vijaya Mehta and she did our theater workshop for 6 months. There I actually learned what acting is. I used to tell them that when I have thought that now I do not want to work in films. Then you are teaching me all this. Is teaching me to love acting, so what should I do with all of them?

My role in the play was that of a rape victim, you explained to me in these 6 months how she would run. How will you get up How will you talk? I had to stay on the stage for two and a half hours. But at the same time I also want to say that after Vijaya Mehta ji, now Tanuja has helped bring out that actor in me. If I did the workshop at that time, then because of that you will be able to see me in Hush Hush too. That too in a completely new way to Ayesha Julka.


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