Why Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan flopped at the box office: 5 reasons

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Raksha Bandhan’ was released on Raksha Bandhan and flopped badly. This is Akshay’s third consecutive failure this year. Bollywood expected a lot from Raksha Bandhan, but the film fell short of the expectations. Let’s know 5 reasons why the film failed at the box office.

1) Outdated subject

The film tells the story of a brother carrying the burden of dowry and getting 4 unmarried sisters married. This subject is outdated according to the movies. A TV serial can be made on such a subject. Then the story is not even powerful enough that the audience accepts the subject.

2) nothing for the youth

The youth who watch the film have the highest percentage, for them there was nothing in the film. There is no big star in the film except Akshay, so the youth made a distance from the film ‘Raksha Bandhan‘.

Raksha Bandhan

3) Akshay Kumar’s overacting

Akshay Kumar did a lot of over acting in the film. However, all the actors seem to be suffering from this problem. Perhaps the director asked him to do so, but due to over acting, it was not fun to watch the film.

Raksha Bandhan

4) Loudness

There is a lot of loudness in the film. Whether it is about colours, dialogues or acting. Every frame is so loud that it becomes unbearable.

5) the joke in the story

In the story, jokes have been made about obesity, complexion and stammer. The protagonist of the film claims to produce a boy by feeding golgappas. Admittedly, this was necessary for the story, but in 90 percent of the film, a lot of jokes were made about these things and in the last 15 minutes, the film was ended by falsifying them, which did not affect the matter.


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