The news of being injured in stone pelting is wrong, Emraan Hashmi told the people of Kashmir good

There was news about Emraan Hashmi that when he went to visit Kashmir, some people threw stones at him and injured him. Emraan is currently shooting for the film ‘Ground Zero’ there.

Emraan Hashmi’s fans were worried about the news of being injured in stone pelting, due to which Emraan immediately reacted to it.


Emraan Hashmi tweeted that the people of Kashmir are very nice and welcome wholeheartedly. I had a great shooting experience in Srinagar and Pahalgam. The news of me getting injured in stone pelting is absolutely wrong.

Fans have breathed a sigh of relief with this clarification of Imran. By the way, in Pahalgam, the police have registered a complaint against some people in the stone pelting case.


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