Sunny Deol was accused of cheating the producer, Sunil Darshan said – neither did the film nor did he give money …

Producer Sunil Darshan has made a big allegation on Bollywood actor Sunny Deol. The producer has alleged that Sunny Deol charged more than his market rate for a film and then later refused to fulfill his responsibilities.

During a conversation with RJ Siddhartha Kannan, Sunil Darshan told that he had to release his film without a proper climax. Because Sunny had gone to London in the middle and did not return. However, the film was still a success at the box office.

He said, Sunny had forced me to make a promise that I would help him take his career to the next level, to which I contributed my one year. With the promise that he will take my next film, which he also signed but did not fulfill his responsibilities.

Sunil Darshan told that when Sunny Deol came back to India, he thought that the actor would return to work. but that did not happen. Sunny refused to work in his film saying that the subject of the film needed to be worked on.

According to reports, the film Sunil Darshan is talking about was ‘Beast’. In this film, Akshay Kumar replaced Sunny Deol. This film proved to be a game changer for his career as Akshay Kumar had a hit after 14 consecutive flops.


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