Shahrukh Khan’s cameo in Brahmastra made fans crazy, demand to make a film about Shahrukh’s character

Before the release of Brahmastra, people associated with this film kept it a secret that Shahrukh Khan is also playing a small role in the film, but this news was leaked. However, there were few who believed in it. The makers probably hid this thing so that they could surprise the audience.

When Brahmastra was released and the audience came to watch the film, they were stunned to see Shahrukh. Shahrukh Khan’s entry is also before the hero of the film Ranbir Kapoor. Many times big stars are ruined by taking cameo, but here Shahrukh Khan’s role is not only strong but he also leaves an impression on the audience with his acting and character.

5 reasons for the success of Brahmastra

Scientist has played the role

In Brahmastra, Shahrukh Khan has become a scientist who has the power of Vanar Astra. To snatch this power, Mouni Roy, who became a villain in the film, comes along with her two companions. Shah Rukh confronts them and speaks some interesting dialogues. This style of Shahrukh’s style and acting makes the fans crazy and this is the reason why the fans of King Khan have started a campaign on social media. They are demanding a spin-off film based on the role of Shahrukh.

‘Naam Hai Shabana’ was made a spin-off of ‘Baby’

Spin-off means a complete film should be made with one character from the film, as in Baby, a film titled Naam Hai Shabana was made with Taapsee Pannu, which was based on the character of Taapsee.

Shahrukh’s fans started online petition

Shahrukh’s fans have started an online petition. He says that an entire film should be made on Mohan Bhargava, the character played by Shahrukh. This campaign is getting good response. It remains to be seen how much the demand of Shahrukh’s fans affects the makers of Brahmastra.


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