Relationship changing relationship: Sizain Khan said this on Pallavi and Nikhil’s changing relationship

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular family drama Apnapan… Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan keeps the audience hooked to the intriguing story of Nikhil (Sizain Khan) and Pallavi (Rajshree Thakur), who are separated from each other and have their own upbringing. Face your challenges.

The current track has captivated the audience, where Pallavi and Nikhil pretend to be a happily married couple and are living together for the sake of Nikhil’s mother (played by Farida Dadi) who has come to live with them. While both are living under one roof with their kids, the pretense of being in a happy marriage is adding to the drama.

Simultaneously, Pallavi and Nikhil start talking about their past and settling their differences. But, the pain of separation still separates them from each other. But will this initiative unite them again? It will be interesting to see this further in the story.

Actor Sizaan Khan talks about the incidents that have brought Pallavi and Nikhil closer to each other. Sizain explains, Nikhil and Pallavi are two sides of the same coin. Both do not want to accept each other’s truth and are caught in the vortex of allegations. In such a situation, Farida Dadi comes as a light of hope in the form of Kinnu Maa. And they both come together to present a happy picture in front of Nikhil’s mother, who loves Pallavi very much.

A couple, who had parted ways on certain terms, are back to present themselves as the ‘happy married couple’. So obviously some smoke will rise and where there is smoke, there is definitely fire. Living together is helping them to express their feelings for each other. This creates sympathy for each other in the minds of both. Any relationship needs work and this little drama in front of Kinnu Maa is acting like couples therapy for her.

“I really think there is a need to build communication between a couple because if everything is clear then nothing can create misunderstandings,” he said. As the story progresses, the real test will be whether Pallavi and Nikhil will put aside their differences and give their relationship a second chance.


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