Prem Naam Hai Mera… Interesting Tales of Prem Chopra

Born on 23 September 1935 in Lahore, Prem Chopra was drawn to Mumbai by his love for acting and film. It was not easy to fight. Had to cover my expenses. Prem Chopra got a job in The Times of India. He was in the circulation department. He was responsible for Bengal, Orissa and Bihar. He had to tour for 20 days every month.

In the remaining time, Prem used to make rounds of studios to get work in films. To save time, he started calling agents at the station itself. The 20-day tour ended in 12 days and Prem started saving more time. He also got the offer of the first film in the train itself.

A stranger asked Prem in the train that do you want to work in films? Blind wants two eyes. Prem Chopra went to Ranjit studio with him and got the film. It took a long time to make the film and till then Prem Chopra kept working in The Times of India.

Lucky couple made with this superstar

When Prem Chopra became a villain, then Rajesh Khanna’s name was running as a hero. When the films made with both of them started becoming successful, they were considered ‘Lucky Pair’. Both did 19 films together out of which 15 were superhits. When Rajesh Khanna signed a film, the distributor would not ask him the name of the heroine, but would ask if Prem Chopra was in the film. Distributors believed that if the two are together, then the film’s chances of success increase. There was a deep friendship between Rajesh Khanna and him and this friendship lasted till the death of Rajesh Khanna.

Dare to ask Raj Kapoor

After the failure of Mera Naam Joker, showman Raj Kapoor was making ‘Bobby’. He needed a villain for the climax. They wanted such an actor, seeing that the audience would understand that it would be bullying. The role was small. Despite this, he offered the film to Prem Chopra. Prem considered it a matter of good fortune for himself to work under the direction of Raj Kapoor. Didn’t even ask what is the role and said yes. When the shooting started, Raj Kapoor said that the only dialogue he has to say is ‘Prem Naam Hai Mera… Prem Chopra’. Now Prem Chopra was stunned that even a small role and dialogue were negligible. With a lot of courage, he asked Raj Kapoor that that’s enough dialogue. Raj Kapoor said that if the film turns out to be successful, then this dialogue will be on people’s tongue and the same thing happened. This dialogue of Bobby brought Prem Chopra a lot of fame.

women ran away

Prem Chopra used to play his role so submerged that even in real life people considered him as a villain. Mostly he played the roles of villains casting an evil eye on women. Whenever they used to go to the parties of their friends or relatives, the women used to hide from them in fear. This made Prem Chopra very uncomfortable.


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