Hindi Divas: Celebs share their favorite Hindi idioms

On 14 September, Hindi as a language acquired its official status in India. This day is celebrated as Hindi Divas. On this occasion, many celebrities from the entertainment world told which Hindi proverbs they like.

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Mithali Nag-

‘Keep your sai sakke na koi nahi.’ I don’t use it often but believe in it. This has proved to be true for me time and again in my life.

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Munisha Khatwani-

So my favorite saying is ‘Jala chhach bhi phoon phoon kar peeta hai’ which means once you are burnt in life or once you have had a bad experience, then, surely you are very cautious and in that case For one proceeds very cautiously and very carefully and very systematically as to what each move is.

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Neelu Kohli-

‘As you sow, so you shall reap.’ I completely believe in this in real life. I think it’s a way of life. Whatever action you do, you will get the same result. I think everyone should not just take it as a saying but should make it a part of their life which they remember throughout their life. This is one of the rules of the way you live your life.

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Gaurav Singh-

The reason for ‘door ke dhol pleasant’ is because, we always think that other people’s lives are better than ours. But this isn’t always true. It’s just that we are not fully aware of reality.

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Prashant Sharma-

‘Ghee sugar in your mouth’. This coincides with my first international trip and that was to the United States for a food festival in West Palm Beach, Miami. This incident happened when I joined a firm called Hopping Chef in Lower Parel from Oberoi. It was just 7 days ago when I got to know from the owner of this place that we are representing Indian food at an important event in February 2016. Chef Michelle Swamy (Celebrity Chef) and I were supposed to be a part of this event which was discussed in January 2016.

When I discussed this event with Chef Michelle, after all the conversation about the event and planning, I told him that it should be abroad and not in India because of the planning and food that we have implemented. I thought he was of international standard. And, Chef Michel said something along the lines of this proverb in his own language and smiled.


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