Discussions about Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s MMS leak are everywhere, know the truth behind it

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s MMS is going viral on social media these days. Along with this, another video is also going viral in which Akshara Singh is crying saying that do not defame us.

The reality is that no MMS of Akshara has been leaked. Nor has any private video surfaced. Looks like someone has put Akshara’s name.

On the other hand, the crying video of Akshara which has gone viral is also two years old. It has been shared again with the heading – MMS video of Akshara Singh went viral. In which Akshara is saying that I am being harassed. People who like me always will. Everyone is after each other in Bhojpuri industry and this filth is in Bhojpuri industry itself.

Recently, on the news of the leak of the video, Akshara has said that she has not seen the video and she does not know who is doing it.


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