Demand for arrest of Jubin Nautiyal arose on social media, trended #ArrestJubinNautiyal

Singer Jubin Nautiyal has made a different place in the hearts of fans with his songs. But for one reason many people have become angry with Zubin. People are demanding the arrest of Jubin Nautiyal. #ArrestJubinNautyal is trending on Twitter.

Actually, Jubin Nautiyal got caught by the troll army because of his next concert on Twitter. A poster of Jubin Nautiyal’s next concert is going viral. In this poster, the ruckus continues regarding the name of the organizer. Users are claiming that this person named Jai Singh in the poster is a wanted criminal of India.

Users say that the real name of the person is not Jai Singh but Rehan Siddiqui. Jai Singh has many serious allegations including supporting Khalistan with drug smuggling. Users also alleged that Jai Singh is associated with the terrorist group ISI.

Users are trolling Zubin saying that he performs the concert of traitors. This is against the country and in such a situation Jubin Nautiyal should be arrested. One user wrote, ‘This is the reason why people are boycotting Bollywood.’


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