Cuttputlli Review: Akshay Kumar Film Thriller Without Thrill

Cuttputlli Review: In the era of the remake, a Hindi remake of the Tamil film ‘Ratsasan’ has been released under the name of ‘Puppetli’. Despite the presence of a big star like Akshay Kumar in the film, it has been released directly on OTT. It can also be taken to mean that the producers also did not have faith in their product because if the film was released in theaters, it would definitely fail at the box office.

The story is of Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar) who has written a story about a serial killer, but no producer is ready to make a film about him. Eventually, he becomes a police officer at the age of 36 and is posted in Kasauli.

Teenage girls are being murdered one after the other in Kasauli. All murders have a similar pattern, and it seems to be the work of a serial killer. Arjan’s hard work in writing the script of the film comes in handy in solving this complicated case.

Kathputli is designed as a thriller, but the story and screenplay are so jumbled that you understand why it has been released directly on OTT.

Tusshar Trivedi and Aseem Arora have written this movie according to their convenience and forgot that the audience also has the power to think.

It is shown at the beginning of the film that Gudiya Parmar (Sargun Mehta) is solving these murders and does not want to take Arjan’s input. The way the scenes have been arranged to make Arjan look intelligent is breathless.

When there is excessive focus on the teacher who teaches math in school, the audience immediately understands that he is not a serial killer.

The way this teacher physically harassed the girls of class IX, is surprising because this school is big and famous and not any school in a rural area. Why does no girl ever raise her voice against this? Why don’t you complain to anyone?

In the police department, only Arjan seems smart, and the other policemen are seen as stupid. Arjan also connects the episodes so slowly that the audience stays two moves ahead of him and knows what is about to happen now.

The track to find the killer has neither tension nor thrill. If the veil is lifted from the secret of why the killer is doing this, then no thrill will arise. The killer does not appear as smart as he has been told through repeated dialogues in the film, he makes many mistakes.

On top of that, scenes with romance, songs, and family drama have also been inserted in the film, which does not seem to fit at all. If you are making a film for OTT, then the formulas of such commercial films should be avoided.

Director Ranjit M. Tiwari’s direction is mediocre. They could not make the drama entertaining. The first hour of the film is very sluggish and the story does not progress at all. Unnecessary things have been drawn.

Akshay Kumar’s work was average. Whatever scenes Rakul Preet Singh gets, they do not take the story forward. The age difference between Rakul and Akshay is clearly visible. Sargun Mehta and Chandrachud Singh appeared mismatched in their characters.

Overall, Kathputli is a thriller without any thrills.

  • Banner: Pooja Entertainment
  • Director: Ranjit M. Tiwari
  • Artists: Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Sargun Mehta, Hrishita Bhatt, Chandrachur Singh
  • OTT : disney plus hotstar
  • UA * 2 hours 14 minutes
  • Rating: 1.5/5

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