Criminal Justice – Incomplete Truth: Will Madhav Mishra defend Mukul even after disbelief and lies?

The nation is in mourning after the murder of child actor Zara Ahuja, fingers are being raised on his brother Mukul Ahuja. Facing one of his most challenging cases, everyone’s favorite lawyer Madhav Mishra aka Pankaj Tripathi is back on our screens with Disney Plus Hotstar’s award winning series Hotstar Specials Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach.

Known for his wit and humour, Lauer has to grapple this time between hidden truths and mistrust from his own client. After losing their daughter, a never-ending rift develops between the child star’s parents Neeraj and Avantika, with Neeraj completely immersed in alcohol.

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Mukul is also taken away from her comfortable world and thrown into a juvenile home hostel world after which she is bullied and also faces struggles. On the other hand, Madhav does not get bail after accusing Avantika of his situation and her failure to find a skilled lawyer, and this leads to his resentment.

Though at Zara’s funeral, Madhav tries to have a relationship with her, but instead has to face her anger. Meanwhile, Avantika has a suspicious person in mind and tells about Mukul’s name.

As Mukul’s case progresses, it raises the serious possibility of Mukul being prosecuted as an adult, a decision that could change his entire life. Upset, Mukul decides to take things into his own hands, but his next move could reverse Madhav’s attempts to decode the case so far.

Furthermore, as more shocking things about Mukul emerge, is it possible that his own mother suspects his innocence? But more importantly, will Madhav Mishra, torn between Mukul’s lies, mistrust and self-sebotaging nature, be able to save him from his bad luck?


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