Chup movie review: The killer who gave film critics a star

A filmmaker takes years of hard work to make a film, which takes hundreds of people’s hard work. Within minutes his work gets evaluated. All are critics on social media, but some people also give importance to the opinion of ‘Authorized Film Critics’. In order to make their review spicy, many times the critics cross the limit. Some of the people who are associated with the film also prick these sharp things.

The great filmmaker Guru Dutt had made a film called ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ in 1959. Which was rejected by the audience as well as the critics. Kaagaz Ke Phool was criticized for being a ‘boring’ and without a story. Guru Dutt was so hurt by these criticisms that he fell into depression. He died a few months later. The paper flower maker was silenced by those who rubbed the pen on the paper. Should critics be considered murderers? Later on, the Kagaz phool was called a classic, but Guru Dutt was not present to know it.

With this reference to Guru Dutt, Jor R Balki has made a film called ‘Chup’. The film does not say that critics should not criticize. In a scene Amitabh Bachchan says that we need criticism. Through ‘Chup’, an attempt has been made to say that the critics have to make the audience aware while writing their reviews, explaining them good and bad. After watching the film, he became thoughtful and intelligent.

R Balki, Raja Sen and Rishi Veermani have written the story by connecting this idea with the angle of a serial killer. Suddenly, film critics are murdered in Mumbai, causing panic. This killer also gives ratings like two stars or three stars on their foreheads by killing critics who say good movies are bad and bad movies good.

The responsibility of catching this serial killer is assigned to Arvind Mathur (Sunny Deol) Head of Crime Branch Mumbai who enlists the help of criminal psychologist Zenobia (Pooja Bhatt) in this task. On the other hand Neela Menon (Shreya Dhanwantri) is an entertainment reporter on a website and aspires to be a film critic. She often buys flowers from Danny’s (Dulquer Salmaan) shop and their meeting turns into love.

The issue of critics and artists has been raised well in ‘Chup’, but this issue can be understood deeply by those who are associated with the film industry or the field of journalism. It makes the critics think that the words written by him can inflict wounds on the body and soul of the filmmaker. But the psychological crime thriller drama is not very impressive.

A critic writes in his review that if there is a lot of ‘loo break’ in the film, then he is killed in the toilet. Another writes that when the film changes track in the second half, he is killed on the railway track. The third writes that the heart is in the right place in the film, but if its other parts are in the wrong places, then after killing it, all the organs except the heart are spread here and there.

The filmmaker created an atmosphere with these brutal murders, but the manner in which the police lay their trap to nab him cannot be agreed with. The police tell the film critics that you do not write reviews for a few days. Then a critic is asked to write a bad review of a good film so that the killer comes to kill this critic.

These things do not match with the mood of the film. Similarly, Neela and Danny’s love story does not leave much impact. A murder takes place on the cricket ground, around which there are buildings, after all, how no one can see, this question also arises.

Despite its flaws, the film holds onto for most of the time, thanks to its unique themes, sudden developments, and the captivating dialogue between the characters. Some sequences in particular are fun and entertaining which light up the atmosphere.

R Balki’s direction is fine. He has done a great job with his starcast. In the film, he has slowly opened his cards. In the beginning, he has kept the murderer hidden, gradually brings him to the fore and then he comes in the custody of the police. In the name of thriller, he has kept the unnecessary flurry away from the film. Linking the Guru Dutt episode with the film has been the biggest plus point of ‘Chup’. This has made things heavy.

Sunny Deol was getting typecast and here he got an opportunity to show something different. It was pleasant to see Sunny in the role of a normal police officer leaving Hirogiri and in some scenes he made a mark with his acting. However, in the last minutes, Sunny Deol’s image takes a beating on the director when he shouts ‘Bastard’.

Looking at Dulquer Salmaan, it does not seem that this guy is acting. He played his character in a very cool manner and he did not seem out of sync anywhere. Shreya Dhanwantri has played Dulkar well. Pooja Bhatt is doing fine. Saranya Ponvannan laughs in the role of Neela’s mother.

The use of songs from Guru Dutt’s films in the background music and the voice of the film projector is superb. Vishal Sinha’s cinematography is fine and some shots have been shot in Guru Dutt’s style using lights and shades.

Chup has its flaws, but the film’s unique theme and the charm of Guru Dutt’s angle outweigh the shortcomings.

the creator : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Jayantilal Gadha, Anil Naidu, Gauri Shinde

Director: R Balki

music : Amit Trivedi, Sneha Khanwalkar, SD Burman

artist : Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwantri, Pooja Bhatt

Censor Certificate : A* 2 hrs 15 min 31 sec

Rating : 3/5


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