Brahmastra stopped speaking, the boycott gang burnt to ashes

What flopped films like Laal Singh Chaddha and Shamshera, those campaigning to boycott Bollywood films got lost that their hard work paid off and films made at the cost of crores flopped because of their noise. Enthused by this, he started sinking the loot of the film ‘Brahmastra’. Since Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar are associated with Brahmastra, who are already on the target of ‘Boycott Gang’, the campaign to flop the film was intensified.

Before the release, Ranbir Kapoor was stopped from visiting Mahakal in Ujjain. The statement he had made years ago regarding beef was made the basis. This gave the ‘Boycott Gang’ an opportunity to add fuel to the fire that they had ignited. Before the release, messages were put on social media to provoke people. Many negative things were written about the cast and the film and everyone felt that the film would be a flop from the first show itself.

But Yeh Kya, Brahmastra’s opening was such that no Bollywood or Hindi movie has happened in the last two-three years (RRR and KGF are 2 South Indian movies). The Boycott gang was blown away that how their appeal did not affect the people this time?

Let us once assume that their appeal has an effect, but if we continue to shoot such an appeal every ten days, then the point of the arrow is sure to be blunt. The reality is that the appeal of the Boycott gang does not make much impact. The first reason is that this kind of appeal and it is followed by those people who have not seen the cinema with tickets for years. When he does not go to see the film, then what should be afraid of him?

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Second, their appeal to those under the age of 25 does not matter. Brahmastra is such a movie that most of the kids and teenagers are eager to watch. Anyone who has seen the first show of the first day knows that 95 percent of the public in the theater was of this age.

The ‘lions’ of social media tried to spoil the air of Brahmastra on the first day by saying that the opening of Brahmastra has been spoiled. The audience is not going to the cinema hall. Those running multiplex chains are suffering. But this campaign did not work because many people also came forward who did not get the ticket to the cinema hall. The theater looked houseful.

Here, Karan Johar started giving gross and world wide collections following the lines of Hollywood and South India filmmakers. This figure is huge and difficult to understand. The gross collection figures of 75 crores on the first day and 85 crores on the second day were presented, which stopped the talk of ‘Boycott Gang’.

But Boycott was not ready to accept the defeat of the gang. He raised questions on the collection of the film itself. The question arises that why they have not raised questions on the collection till now? When the collections of films like ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ came down, there was celebration, but when the collections of ‘Brahmastra’ came more, there was a lot of confusion. It is being said that these collections belong to Mars or Jupiter? There is no audience in the theatre, so how are the collections coming?

All these things are fulfilling the proverb of sour grapes. The reality is that ‘Boycott Gang’ is badly hurt at this time. He has a mouth gap. The collections of Brahmastra are teasing this gang. The youth have thrown out the boycott campaign by buying tickets for Brahmastra. Whether the film will be a superhit or a blockbuster, it will be known in the coming days and it depends on the quality of the film, but the great opening of the film has told that the negative things have started to neutralize.

Earlier people were told what to eat. Then I was told what to wear. Now it is being told what to watch. What will be told in the future cannot be predicted. It would be better if the raw minded people do not let these things have an effect and those who are making such ‘challans’ spend their minds for right and pointful things. In fact, those who ran the Boycott Bollywood trend on social media were proud of their ‘virtual Lanka’, which was set on fire by the success of Brahmastra.


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