Brahmastra created a ruckus at the box office, world wide collection crossed 225 crores

Before the release of Brahmastra, there was tension in Bollywood whether the film would be able to do well at the box office as all the films released after ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ released in May were flops. These included films of stars like Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan. However, ‘Brahmastra’ opened better than expected and rocked the box office.

world wide gross collection

Talking about the world wide gross collection, Brahmastra collected a collection of 75 crores on the first day. On the second day these collections reached Rs 85 crores. If the third day collection is 90 crores, then the world wide box office gross collection of three days reaches around 250 crores. In this sense, it has become the top film of the weekend in the world wide collection. Chinese film ‘Give Me Five’ is second and South Korean film ‘Confidential Assignment: International’ is at number three.

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Hindi version crosses 100 crores

Talking about the Hindi version and net collection of Brahmastra, then this film has crossed 100 crores on the first weekend itself. The withered faces of Bollywood have blossomed with the film’s stellar collection.

1662988226 435 Brahmastra created a ruckus at the box office world wide

Doubts on the collection of the film!

On the other hand there are many people who have doubts about the collection of Brahmastra. Kangana Ranaut has termed it as a fake collection. Vivek Agnihotri has also raised questions.

How much will have to be collected to recover the cost

There is confusion about the cost of Brahmastra. It is a three-part film with a total budget of Rs 410 crore. Brahmastra will have to collect around Rs 250 crore net to recover its cost. If the film collects even this much, then it will be in profit as there will be bumper earnings from various rights.

The film got mixed response

Brahmastra has received mixed response from critics. The number of people who like and dislike on social media is also equal, but the youth group is liking it. An appeal was also made to boycott the film before its release, but to no avail.


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