Astrologer advised Sanjay Dutt to change the number, instead of 4545, now he will travel in this number plate car.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is not interested in any identity. Sanjay Dutt is still in huge demand in character roles. He has been seen in films like KGF 2, Samrat Prithviraj and Shamshera this year. However, except KGF 2, most of his films in the last few years have proved to be flops.

Now Sanjay Dutt has resorted to astrology to improve his luck. Sanjay Dutt has said goodbye to his lucky number and got his car number changed too. Whatever car Sanjay Dutt buys, its number is 4545. Its sum is 9 because Sanjay likes the number 9.

But the number 2999 of the car that Sanjay Dutt took in the past has been taken. It is reported that Sanjay has done this on the advice of astrologers. Sanjay Dutt’s date of birth is 29 and astrology says that take a number whose sum is 29.

Sanjay has followed the advice of astrology. It has been told that doing so will help them both personally and professionally. Now it remains to be seen whether they benefit or not.


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