Artist dancing on stage as Parvati got heart attack, painful video going viral

Ganesh Utsav is being celebrated with pomp in the country. But a sad case has emerged from Jammu and Kashmir. During the Ganesh festival in village Kothe Sainia of Jammu district, an artiste, who was dancing as Parvati in Ratri Jagran, died on stage due to heart attack.

It is being told that the name of the artist is Yogesh Gupta, whose age was 20 years. The artist suddenly fell on the ground while dancing and died lying down. The people watching the program thought it was part of the role and kept clapping.

After sometime fellow artists and organizers took care of him but by then it was too late. Yogesh was rushed to the hospital but the doctors declared him brought dead. The video of the last moments of this artist is going viral on social media. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the area after the news of the death.

Earlier, another artist had died while dancing on Ram Bhajan posing as Hanuman. While dancing to Ram Bhajan, the artist suddenly fell on the ground. People thought Hanuman was acting. But the young man had died on the stage itself.


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