Yurei Deko’s final episode leaves a lot of unanswered questions

The following contains spoilers for Yurei Deko Episode 12, “Home of the Greatest Secret,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

There were many questions till the finale of Yurei Deco, Who is Phantom Zero? Why are they creating a zero-phenomenon where people lose their love points? What will happen to Yurei Detective Club when they solve the Phantom Zero mystery? Will Tom Sawyer Island see any improvement in its infrastructure and governance?

Episode 12 answers only those questions. At the very least, the audience gets to know the identity of the Phantom Zero and the fate of the Yurei Detective Club. The finale was left quite ambiguous; It’s not uncommon for anime to end without a conclusion, but if done well, an ambiguous ending can often be thought-provoking and satisfying. Unfortunately, it is not Yurei Deco,

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Injection that wants to make Hack and Berry the new Phantom Zero

episode 12 Yurei Deco As a young girl living with her family, Hack begins to fall into a beautiful dream. Elements of the Phantom Zero case are intertwined, such as an aquarium filled with angelfish and a pet peacock named Sam.

Despite having no deco, Hack’s dream is reminiscent of Tom Sawyer Island – where reality has been constructed to provide pleasure only to the dreamer, not necessarily the truth. Berry eventually manages to get Hack out of the dream, but it’s not entirely clear whether it was organized by Phantom Zero or if it was actually Hack’s past. If it’s the latter, Yurei Deco Opened another box of worms which he has no intention of solving.

The peacock hack seen in his dream turned out to be the injection, otherwise known as Phantom Zero, and the one that has been the cause of the Zero Phenomenon. In their very first meeting, Joe inexplicably decides to tell everything to Berry and Hack. Joe has lived at Mark Twain for years and leads the customer center from there. But now, in a Willy Wonka-esque move, Joe reveals to both that he saw the potential in them both to be the Phantom Zero; She was hoping to pass the role and free herself from the algorithm. Her criteria are clearly not high: all she wants is someone innocent, pure-hearted, and close friends.

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Joe’s decision is selfish and doesn’t really change anything

Choosing someone to carry the burden of being trapped in the algorithm and instilling some humanity in their system is incredibly selfish on Joe’s part. It is even more selfish when it is realized that he has essentially sentenced a child to prison – and to take responsibility for the government. Furthermore, the problem with Joe randomly choosing someone—and simply because they’re a child—is that whoever he chooses, Phantom Zero is still the one who decides whether things are true or fictional. , instead of allowing people to see things with their own eyes and make their own decisions.

Hack was the first one to continually insinuate in his friends’ heads that people can only know the truth when they see things with their own eyes – without censorship through the customer center and Deco. Even though he has as much executive power as the Phantom Zero, the only thing he’s done so far is eliminating censorship through the customer center, not Deco. Sure, Tom Sawyer Island has improved since Episode 1, but not by much. In fact, it seems to have gone back to what it was in the beginning; They still have a single person playing the god, only now it’s a child. People are still seeing the truth through someone else’s point of view.

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Yurei Deco’s Finale Gives Everyone a Happy Ending — Except for the Hack

Yurei DecoThe finale leaves a yearlong run where Berry tells the audience that the Yurei Detective Club broke up shortly after, with all the members going their separate ways. Hank has gone back to collect the junk; Watson has captured Analytica’s mystery Ramon Cart; Smiley still visits Madam at the retirement home. What’s most confusing is that Finn has gone back to his old home.

Although it brings out their story in its entirety, there has been no improvement in Finn’s home. People may legally love to use and collect, but now they clean up all their waste and collect it – even though it was the waste management facility that allowed waste to build up in disastrous amounts in the first place. It feels more like a punishment than a victory. And by the end of episode 12, there’s still no explanation as to why the Zero Phenomenon happened – even if it has a whole premise. Yurei Deco The mystery of the Zero Phenomenon had to be solved.

Likewise, there is hardly any explanation as to how Finn reconciled with his brother, and there is hardly any character development in the latter. Finn’s brother has become crazy about Love Points due to the small details that have come to the fore. It’s easy to conclude that the only reason Finn is back on a good relationship with his brother is because he can continue to collect Love – not because the brother has exiled Finn for trying to do the right thing. After noticed the error of his ways.

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Choosing Hack to stay on Mark Twain and as Phantom Zero makes zero sense (pun intended) for a number of reasons. Hack always seemed to be a free-spirited person—someone who enjoys his freedom and independence, and makes ruckus solely for the fun of it. Being trapped on a floating island completely contradicts who the hack is. On one side is a shot of a metal box with a peacock symbol: presumably, this is the workbench of the hack.

Although Yurei Deco The hack ends with the berry reappearing, leaving it a sour taste in the mouth. It appears as though Hack Tom Sawyer doesn’t come down on the island very often. Although the island is now in somewhat better hands, to anyone who had made it abundantly clear that the Yurei Detective Club was their family and is now trapped in Mark Twain alone, it seems that everyone is looking for a happy ending to the hack. found.


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