Yurei Deko drops a lot of questions before series finale

The following contains spoilers for Yurei Deko Episode 11, “Fate Change Twice”, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

I only have one episode left Tom Sawyer-inspired anime Yurei Deco, but it will be difficult to reconcile everything for the finale. Despite being a cliffhanger to keep viewers interested, episode 11 lacked the tension needed to get viewers really excited as they waited for the final episode. It jammed in new information, thus creating more questions that would reach the finale to be answered in 20 minutes – which have many more questions to answer before the series ends.

After moving their followers from the customer center with the help of their friends, Berry, Hack and Finn head to Mark Twain and begin their quest for the Phantom Zero. But they don’t have much time; The customer center is hot on their trails and everyone on the island is looking for them.

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Yurei Deko Introduces Another Major Player Just Before the Episode 11 Finale

This is what the spectator knows about the world Yurei Deco So far: AI Analytica built Tom Sawyer—the island on which all the inhabitants live—but it also built Mark Twain’s floating city. A programmer named Kearney, who created the game Phantom Zero, had a mysterious connection to Mark Twain that led to his ‘death’, which has been left purposefully unclear to make room for a possible return in the series finale. The customer center is responsible for the censorship of the data, but it turns out that all uncensored information is backed up in Mark Twain – including the true identity of the Phantom Zero, which is erasing Love Points.

Who is Phantom Zero? Do they aim to eradicate Tom Sawyer’s digital society so that people can live in reality – which is why they’re removing Love Points? Why is Tom Sawyer stealing data from the hack? Yurei Deco The 11 episodes had already packed a lot of mysteries. While all three have now made it up to Mark Twain and are one step closer to finding out who the Phantom Zero is, episode 11 throws in yet another mystery: Injection Joe. While scouring through the hyperverse, Finn encounters a name called Injection Joe, who is supposed to take control of Mark Twain – not the Phantom Zero they’ve been chasing this time.

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Yurei Deco has too many questions and very little character development

it’s not okay Yurei DecoA world around which there are innumerable questions. Hack remains undeveloped despite being one of the main characters; Because there is still little or no information about him, Hack is just a one-dimensional token bizarre character.

When Berry scrolled through the deleted data and found that her parents had intentionally changed the information to protect their daughter and her friends from the safe, the hack asked her to delete the data because it revealed the truth. Will not impress: that Berry will always be his daughter. The family theme continues with Finn saying he will keep Berry and Hack, their family safe. This would have been a good opportunity to expand on Hack’s backstory and family, especially since she seems quite nostalgic.

As a result, the finale is hard to wait for, even if the cliffhanger has all the elements that would make it interesting to watch. The trio is separated: Berry is sent back to the Hyperverse, Hack is trapped in the Hyperverse with Phantom Zero after managing to reveal part of his identity, and Finn is captured by security bots. Yurei Deco Continually building its world while weaving enough intrigue to keep viewers interested – but without answering any previous questions, it’s further confusing what viewers should focus on and instead the final The episode has created a tangled mess to resolve.


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