Yuji and Sukuna’s relationship is symbolized in the OP

fans of Jujutsu Kaisen This hit shonen anime has been coming around to engage in deep debate over lore, character development, and even early anime themes. first and second openings for Jujutsu Kaisen Regarded not only for their jaw-dropping animation but also for their provocative visuals that hold great meaning within the series. Some are more easily understood than others, but a view has not yet been fully analyzed.

In both the first and second openings, there is an angelfish swimming in the muddy water. The first opening hints that this fish has an affair with Yuji as it sticks around him, and fans have speculated that it must represent Tsukuna. It makes perfect sense that the creature that herds the young boy would symbolize the King of Curses based on the events of the series, but after analyzing Angelish’s innocent symbol, Yuji and Tsukuna’s relationship was as originally thought. .

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The complicated history of Yuji and Tsukuna

While Yuji Itadori may only take a page in the jujutsu history books, Ryomen Tsukuna has been notorious for centuries as a powerful enemy of wizards. According to legend, Tsukuna existed over 1,000 years ago as a powerful shaman who, ironically, was a threat to the peace of mankind. It took many jujutsu wizards to defeat Tsukuna, but even in death, she was a threat in the form of a cursed spirit. He had 20 indestructible fingers in his body, which kept him tied to the mortal world and incited other cursed souls to incarnate. From all this dastardly history, Ryomen Tsukuna came to be regarded as the king of curses.

Yuji happened to be in the wrong place at the right time and, for whatever reason, is the body capable of becoming a vessel for Sukuna’s abode without being controlled by the King of Curses. Not realizing the difficult journey he was about to embark on, Yuji swallows one of Tsukuna’s finger in order to gain the strength he needs to save his friends from imminent danger. It was a high-stakes gamble that paid off and started Yuji’s coming-of-age story. Since that fateful day, Yuji deals with Tsukuna from within his mortal body every day. Their relationship grows as the series progresses, and while it’s clear that they aren’t friends, they aren’t even outright enemies.

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Since Tsukuna is a part of Yuji and cannot escape the boy’s body, he looks forward to the opportunity to take over Yuji’s body and return to ruin the world as he sees fit. He has revealed his plan in episode 5 of the recent season. After helping Yuji by destroying a special grade curse, Tsukuna shows his acceptance that Yuji decides who is in control of Yuji to return to Yuji’s control. However, when Yuji fails to respond, Tsukuna jumps at the chance to take over, although Yuji’s heroism later foils the attempt. Even after this, Tsukuna moves around Yuji, waiting for his next moment to strike, and despite his tough attitude and sly personality, has saved Yuji’s life more than once.

Yuji and Tsukuna’s complex relationship can be symbolically recognized in iconic scenes from the opening themes, although the first opening in this regard is more telling than the second. In the first opening, Yuji is sitting motionless on a train filled with water up to his knees. It’s easy to see this as a metaphor for Yuji’s slowly sinking in as he explores his life as a jujutsu magician, though of course there may be more to this alone. What’s telling about this pictured scene is the angelish who never leaves her side.

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Angelfish Symbol Adds a Twist

Angelfish never swim away from Yuji at the first opening, but as long as the tension is not accompanied by music, there is no danger. Angelfish appears to come at Yuji, and after splitting for the second time, Tsukuna’s mouth widens toward Yuji’s face. Given the similarities between this transition and Angelish and Tsukuna’s close relationship to Yuji, it is because Angelish represents Tsukuna. Looking deeper into the symbolism, there is an ironic tragedy in both the opening and Yuji’s relationship with Tsukuna.

Angelfish name translates The “angel of God,” and one’s presence serves as an angel’s guidance and protection as well as a reminder that no one is truly alone. The idea of ​​keeping an eye on what Tsukuna does to Yuji isn’t that far-fetched, though the idea of ​​Tsukuna being Yuji’s protector can be a bit of a stretch when thinking of a protector in a positive light. Not every guard is performing his duty for good reasons. For example, Orochimaru may have been Sasuke Uchiha’s mentor and mentor. Naruto And helped him become stronger against Itachi, but in the end, it was all selfish. The same can be said of Sukuna, but this villain is more secretive than his plans.

Tsukuna waits, closely tied to Yuji, for the next chance he can strike the boy’s body. Because finding a ship is so difficult for Tsukuna, it’s because the King of Curse wants to keep Yuji alive to move forward with his plans for resurrection. Tsukuna already knows that Yuji will never agree to allow him to do as he pleases, which is why he sees his victim as a twisted guardian angel in the form of an angel.


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