Ymir Fritz is one of Attack on Titan’s most important characters

attack on TitanThe most recent season of U.S. finally revealed the origins of the founding titan, Ymir Fritz. Ymir was the first Titan user and the ancestor of all those who followed him, but his character is often dismissed as a plot device, used only to explain the origins of Aldea and the themes of Ymir. is done for.

Ymir’s character revolves around his idealization and delusions around love and freedom – similar to protagonist Eren Yeager, but his journey differs in many ways. Ymir finds himself trapped in an abusive relationship, yet is one of the few characters aot To illustrate one of the most complex human emotions: love. Because of her arc revolving around love, her history and development is often written, but it really gives her character even more potential.

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Freedom pushed Ymir Fritz to the king

Ymir began his life as a slave to King Fritz, who was obsessed with freedom from an early age. His determination came to the fore one day when he saw three pigs locked in a cage and saw their captive as his own, so he freed them. When the king found out what Ymir had done, he freed her – but sent his soldiers to hunt her down as she ran to escape. The confusion about Ymir’s character begins here, in spite of everything, she returns to the king.

This is because Ymir’s first experience with freedom is painful. He is wounded and frightened, being chased by blood-thirsty guards. Like a caged animal, Ymir has longed for freedom all his life. A caged dog will thirst for freedom, yet the moment it is given to him, a whole world of unknown dangers is presented. Eventually the dog will want to return home, to the sanctuary of the familiar. That’s exactly what happened with Ymir; She returned what she knew because at least she was safe then.

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Ymir Fritz longed for love more than freedom

Ymir returns to the king for safety and security, but how does he fall in love with his captive? Ymir was a slave from a very young age so everything she knew about love was seen as a passing. She had never learned what love was, when she saw a kissing couple in her childhood, the closest thing to romance she had ever seen.

Couple smiling and people cheering; This gesture filled with joy and reminded Ymir of his life, which was the exact opposite. Ymir wished for love because she saw it as something that could change her life of misery and pain. So, when King Fritz made Ymir his concubine, he truly believed that he loved her. The king was also the only person from whom Ymir could draw love, and because of this, she yearned for it even more.

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Ymir’s personality reflects the world of Attack on Titan

Ymir’s personality is very similar to Historia’s, both of which are people-pleasers. it’s good in the world of personality attack on TitanBeing a kind person is tantamount to how much someone pleases the people around them. In Marley, the “good” Aldeans are those who stand up for the Motherland by becoming Titan Shifters or soldiers, fighting for Marley on the front lines. Similarly, in Paradis, the most respected soldiers work for what civilians take for granted – so Scouts are rarely praised, despite risking their lives beyond the walls every day.

Giving his all to the king, Ymir epitomizes this ongoing theme. attack on Titan, She helped King Fritz build his Aldean Empire, made him win wars using his Titan form, and gave birth to three children to make him happy and continue to receive what he loved. Ymir existed in a world that prioritized what was most helpful to people and was manipulated through love – the one thing she wanted more than freedom – to distort whatever was needed for use. to do.

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Even in death, Ymir was used to benefit the Aldians, his body creating Ymir’s subjects. King Fritz urges his children to consume Ymir’s spinal fluid, passing down his Titan genetics to the ancestral years and introducing the curse that Eren is trying to break. Her love for the king ensnared her for eternity, while her fight for freedom was lost to her agony – if she couldn’t be free, at least she could be happy.

Ymir Fritz tells one of the saddest stories attack on Titan, yet despite aligning with Eren’s goals, he is heavily overlooked. The main difference between Ymir and Eren was their approach to independence; Ymir aimed to free himself through subjugation to the king, hoping that his good deeds would one day bring him freedom. However, Eren used brute force to gain freedom for himself and his loved ones, committing irreparable crimes to get what he wanted. Eren also flirts with Ymir under the promise of freedom, drawing parallels in the depth of Eren’s love and Ymir’s desperation to run away.


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