Why Trigger’s Kizniver Kill Wasn’t As Popular As La Fort

studio trigger Has put out some amazing anime since its inception. it started with a bang kill La kill and went on to create other highly acclaimed anime projects such as Little Witch Academia And promare, He has also lent his distinguished talent to other productions like Star Wars: Vision, Black Dynamite, And Steven Universe. The popularity he has earned has excited anime fans to find out that any project has a name associated with it. However, as talented as they are, everything they do is not guaranteed to be highly successful or generally popular.

kizniverin spite of working trigger, Couldn’t garner enough followers. It certainly didn’t reach the same level of popularity as say kill La kill. It’s a shame because the series had a lot going for it; Well drawn characters, interesting main themes, and a good amount of visual flair that trigger is known for. As far as preventing it from being hit, there are some possibilities.

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part of what can be closed trigger The fan was the content of the series. This science-fiction story follows seven classmates who have been chosen to become the Kiznivers. In one experiment, all these seven have been given the ability to feel each other’s pain and feelings. They must work together to complete a number of tests that are designed to help them grow closer to each other as people.

kill La kill Might be a more attractive base. The story follows Ryoko Matoi as she searches for her father’s killer; His only clue is half of a giant pair of scissors. His search leads him to Honoji Academy, a fascist high school run by a student council with school uniforms that give them special rights. Ryoko confronts these students with their uniforms, courtesy of her late father, as she is certain they have the answers she is looking for.

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Looking at the premises of Kill La Kill and KizNiver, it is immediately clear why the former beat the latter in popularity. It’s the same logic that makes movie audiences want to see a summer blockbuster take on an avant-garde indie film. Regardless of its content, Blockbuster will often be preferred because of its obvious entertainment value.

in a way, Kizniver’s Sustainable success can also suffer That’s why it was made by trigger. The studio, as a brand, is known for out-of-this-world series created to excite, entertain and amaze people. These types of series delve into their audience’s inner child and entertain them with how funny and eccentric they are.

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what do you expect trigger The anime may or should have been promoted by one of the studio’s founders, Hiroyuki Imashi. Prior to founding Trigger, he made a name for himself as a director of hyperactive works such as Dead Leaves, Guren Lagan, And Stocking with panties and garterbelt. the things he directed trigger to like kill La kill, space patrol luluco, And promare His memorabilia was an all-natural progression of the bombastic style.

While Imashi doesn’t direct everything trigger, hope it works trigger Will embody his style. It certainly holds for a series like this Little Witch Academia And BNA: Brand New Animal. Imashi may not have been at the top for these works, but he used his soul to get attention in them.

it’s hard to say kizniver it was with him studio trigger Looks like fans will be hoping. Instead of being loud and impressive, she tried to be subtle and meaningful. The character had a lot of archetypes, but was mostly downplayed to fit the series’ more grounded setting. Likewise, the animation was good, but there weren’t many moments that let the animators flex their chops like they could. kill la kills High energy battle. trigger Fans, especially Imashi fans, must have been exhausted. kizniver Not sure if they would recommend it to like-minded people.

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Compared to KizNiver, Kill La Killu was a better representative of trigger whole. It had all the zany antics, fast-paced action and cute characters expected of Imashi’s work. It also had darker themes, but on the contrary kizniver, They were more complementary to everything else that made the series great. kill La kill It lived up to all the expectations of its creators from the audience, so it earned the right to have a deeper meaning.

kizniver, On the other hand, it must have been a little too experimental for its own good. kill La kill was more in terms of numbers, but it was also more influential in its style and presentation; This is what led to its popularity and even some notoriety. related to kizniver, The audience loved it, it just wasn’t good enough to call it the next big thing.


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