Why Kemono Jihen GeGeGe no Kitaro. is similar to

The following includes spoilers for Kemono Jihen, available to stream on Funimation and Crunchyroll, and discussion of sexual abuse and violence.

When venturing into anime and manga, fans are bound to find yokai and Japanese folklore tales. One of the series known for popularizing Yokai in the media is the comedy-horror classic GeGeGe no Kitaro, Starting in 1960, the franchise has enjoyed lasting popularity to this day, with its most recent anime adaptation being released just last year. Fans are wondering if there are other yokai-focused series with similar vibes so they won’t have to worry.

anime of 2021 kimono jihen There is a recent addition that focuses on adventure through the supernatural and captures a lot of energy like GeGeGe no Kitaro, Here are some reasons why it is worth investigating.

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Kemono Jihen’s Plot

kimono jihen Follows 13-year-old Kabane Kusaka as he explores the world of Kaimono – supernatural creatures and monsters. When undercover detective Kohachi Inugami is summoned to a remote Japanese village to investigate a bizarre string of animal killings, he encounters Kabane and sees that there is more to meet the eyes of this ostracized young boy. Something is there. With the help of the Inugami, Kabane learns how to maintain the delicate balance between kimono and humans as they work together to preserve it and uncover the mystery of their parents’ disappearance.

kimono jihen The manga is created by Sho Aimoto. It debuted in Shueisha’s Shnen manga magazine. jump square In 2016 where it has continued to number. As of September 2022, 17 volumes of the manga have been released. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for an English release in February 2022, with the first volume released in August. kimono jihen The anime premiered in Japan on January 10, 2021, and ran for 12 episodes.

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Similarities and Differences Between Kemono Jihen and Geige no Kitaro

Both anime deal with dark fantasy, horror, black comedy and the supernatural with a young protagonist at the center. In most of his avatars, GeGeGe no Kitaro The composite chronicles are self-contained, monster-of-the-week stories that reflect Kitaro’s efforts to reunite the humans and the ykai. kimono jihen takes a similar approach, while at the same time focusing on Kabane’s character development as he spends with Inugami and the rest of his detectives. It varies between different anime adaptations, but GeGeGe no Kitaro is generally more lightweight than Kemono Jihen.

While both series encounter and battle with different types of monsters to try and keep the balance between the worlds, GeGeGe no Kitaro remains more child-friendly with its own adventures. That said, body horror and dark humor are still a big part of both series. kimono jihen Others follow in the footsteps of more recent shonen titles that tackle darker or more adult themes in their story.

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Abuse, unfortunately, plays a big part in the lives of Kabane and the other children working under Inugami. Before she is taken in by Inugami, it is shown that Kabane’s aunt refuses to accept her by name and transfers her to a life of hard labor to be a human-kimono hybrid, or hyono. Shiki, another Hanyo, works with Inugami in hopes of finding his mother, whom he believes had abandoned him. Over time, however, he slowly remembers his trauma by accidentally seeing his mother sexually abused and then separated from her. Akira searches for Inugami, hoping to find her older twin brother, Yui.

As Akira’s backstory is further explored, it is revealed that she is from a specific type of kimono that only sees a male born every century. Because these kimono inbreed to preserve their bloodline, males are subjected to breeding until their death. Yui hides this from Akira, instead taking full responsibility himself and sending his brother away. whereas kimono jihen What handles the stories of these characters in a way that doesn’t serve unnecessary or exploitative fans should be considered before diving in.

With that in mind, both anime have exciting ventures into the paranormal. kimono jihen has a similar premise — albeit with a more mature thematic lean — to GeGeGe no Kitaro And is a solid choice for fans looking for a horror and fantasy series that weaves in bits of folklore and dark humor. It is based firmly on urban fantasy as Kabane and friends battle various yokai-inspired monsters to uncover the mystery behind the Calculi Stones and their powers. There has been no announcement of a second season yet, but with the remaining arcs in the manga that were not adapted into the anime, it is possible that new fans of the series will have more to look forward to.


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