Dragon Ball Super: Why Gohan’s New Form Unique?

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball explains why Gohan’s “Beast” mode is Unique.

Dragon Ball’s latest Dragon Ball Super movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero features a new power-up transformation of Gohan. Fans can now see Gohan’s new form in Dragon Ball Super Hero in theaters in Japan. Dragon Ball Super saw Goku and Vegeta take huge leaps in their power, culminating with the respective powers Ultra Ego (Vegeta),. Gohan’s “Son Gohan Beast”, his new form, has relegated him to the top of Dragon Ball power ranks.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball spoke out about Gohan’s “Beast” mode and why it is so unique in a new interview (translated from @Herms98).

“Gohan has had many transformations in his past. But this time, he needed to awaken and create a new one. Toriyama explains that Gohan has undergone his own evolution, which is a result of the awakenings he experienced as a boy.” This transformation I have even called “Son Gohan Beast” in order to express the wild beast that he is now.

Gohan's New Form

Dragon Ball Super saw Toriyama and his team really get back to the drawing boards when it came to defining the Saiyan fighters’ powers with deeper themes and mythology. Dragon Ball Super’s manga now explores how Vegeta and Goku learn to balance their divine powers with their natural natures as Saiyans to create different forms of power. Now, we have Gohan with his own unique power. The evolution of Saiyans is now a key point of intrigue in Dragon Ball. Toriyama spoke a little about why he chose the design for Gohan’s Beast form.

“I tried to draw him with a frightening face and pale skin for the design. But it didn’t feel like Gohan. Instead, I gave him my usual upturned hairstyle. Everyone loved it! I was humbled by this compliment.

Gohan’s Beast mode sees his hair go Super Saiyan 2-style spikey, long (like Young Gohan in Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Games Arc), but his hair is now silver like Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. Gohan’s Beast form also shows off his freaky red eyes, which suggests that some Saiyan Great Ape savagery may still be burning within him.

This is Gohan’s last form, and the new form is quite significant.

Toriyama laughed and said, “Frankly I don’t know what design I should use if he ever transforms further.”

Dragon Ball Super Super: Super Hero has been released in Japan. It will be available in American theaters starting in August.

Source via Comicbook


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