Why does Deku never wear his mask?

in the world of My Hero Academia, Students aiming to become pro heroes are required to come up with their own hero names as well as design their own costumes. It features series protagonist Izuku Midoriya, who goes by Deku. Wanting to pay homage to his mentor and favorite pro hero All Might, Deku goes out of his way to include a pullover mask in his costume to reference the hero’s hairstyle and big smile – though it resembles a rabbit instead. Looks.

However, Deku is only seen wearing his mask in his first practice match with Uraraka against his classmates Bakugo and Aida, where he is destroyed. When he is with Mireyo he is seen wearing it again, but his mouth can be seen. Despite the fact that many other characters continue to wear their own masks in battle, Deku offers little explanation, leaving some viewers confused. This has prompted some people to come up with their own answers.

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The out-of-universe reason why Deku rarely wears his mask

When it comes to manga and anime, obscuring a protagonist’s face is considered taboo unless there is a valid reason, especially if it is of the shonen genre. Like in an action-based anime My Hero AcademiaIt’s important that the audience can see the main character’s facial expressions and understand how they might be feeling at the moment, whether they’re fighting someone or just talking to them.

On the other hand, it would make no sense for the author to continue to portray Deku with his mask on. While they will be the only ones knowing her current feelings, they will also find it difficult to see them. Although Deku is likely to be able to pull it off without her mask so they can see her facial expressions before putting it on her, it would just be another tedious move.

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Possible in-universe explanation for Deku rarely wearing their masks

whereas home Ministry While there may not be a clear answer in-universe, some factors may contribute to why Deku chooses to give up his mask. Whenever a hero engages in combat, it is expected that parts of their costume will be torn or destroyed. Being the first piece to withstand it with its facade, as it was not well designed, Deku probably realized that there was no point in constantly repairing or rebuilding it by the school’s support course.

There’s also the possibility that when it comes to getting into a sudden fight – especially with someone from League of Villains – Deku doesn’t have time to think about slipping his mask on; Instead he needs to focus on what is more important at hand and may forget to put it on.

Also, Deku is undoubtedly the most devoted fan of All Mights. In addition to masquerading as a way to mimic his self-confident expression, Deku uses his quirk with his arms. After breaking him several times due to lack of complete control over his quirks, he began to use his feet as his main source of power – having his own unique fighting style given to distinguish himself from All Might. one of the reasons. Realizing this, Deku would have given up wearing his mask as a way of showing that he would become his own symbol. My Hero Academia,


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