Why can’t Boa Hancock join Straw Hat Pirates?

Chapter of 1059 one piece, “The Matter Involving Captain Coby,” ends with Amazon Lily ravaged by the invaders to capture him. Both Blackbeard’s attack and subsequent attacks by the Marines made it clear that his stay on the island was no longer an option; As long as she was there, her people would be put in trouble. She considers marrying Monkey D. Luffy again, which could mean that her next assignment will involve exploring her in new worlds. For some Hancock fans, this has given them hope that she will eventually become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, this chance for Hancock to join Luffy’s crew comes with an argument. There’s no denying that she would be a valuable asset, a well-developed character, another woman to the crew, and someone who would make for Luffy. However, if Vivi and Yamato have proved anything, then even putting all of these things together doesn’t qualify one to be a Straw Hat. With that in mind, there’s probably more reason for Hancock to stay away from Luffy than to board him.

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1. He has a lot of trouble getting along with others

Aside from Luffy, Hancock doesn’t seem to have a close enough relationship with the rest of the crew, nor would she want to create one. Two of them are women and therefore potential love rivals. Six more of them are dim, crude, disgusting men. She may like Chopper, but only because she sees him as more of a pet than a man.

Hancock’s prickly, condescending attitude is a problem with his usual joining the crew. Straw Hats are known to be a cordial bunch that can get along with anyone they meet on their travels. Even Sanji knows how to be friendly with women who are not. Unless Hancock has some serious character development that makes her more open to others, it’s hard to imagine her going on adventures with the crew.

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2. She Looks Too Much Like Nico Robin

Being another woman really works against Hancock’s potential straw hat situation. Because of One Piece’s infamous case of Same Face Syndrome in women, the Pirate Empress looks too much like the Straw Hats archaeologist Nico Robin. They are both tall, dark-haired and beautiful women of similar texture, and are over six feet tall. This is to say nothing of how Robin’s facial skin color and features have become more normal over time.

Generally, it’s not such a big deal in One Piece, especially with women. However, straw hats always have distinct and instantly recognizable looks. Even with the black and white color scheme of the manga, it’s easy to pick one of them up when grouped together. If Hancock and Robin either swapped outfits or both dressed the same, manga readers would have to take some time to figure out who was who.

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3. Will have to account for his pet snake

Most people forget that Hancock is a package deal. In addition to the Kuja pirate, she is also joined at the hip by her snake weapon, Salome. If Hancock is to be considered for Straw Hat candidacy, similar considerations would have to apply to Salome.

Each member of Straw Hats must have strong characterization. They need to have well defined personalities, backgrounds, interests, etc. Some of these things look like they could ever be applied to Salome.

Alternatively, the relationship between Hancock and Salome can be viewed as similar to the relationship between Nami and Zeus. That way, the snake won’t have to grow very much because of their connection to the crew member. However, where Zeus is compact and fits neatly into Nami’s clima-tact, Salome is a giant snake that can prove troublesome to house on Thousand Sunny.

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4. Her romantic pursuit of Luffy has no place on Thousand Sunny

One Piece is first and foremost a shonen battle series. This means that most of the story focuses on action and adventure to appeal to the younger audience. To that end, romance has been kept to a minimum in this story. It’s unlikely that any Straw Hats will form a meaningful relationship by the end of the series. According to Eiichiro Oda, he is married to Adventure.

Hancock would introduce a lot of unnecessary romantic tension within the crew. In addition to longing for Sanji, she will probably try to forge a romantic rivalry with Nami and Nico Robin for Luffy. It could be a sort of Juvia Locker situation where she tries to be the top runner for Luffy’s affection, even though no one cares, not even Luffy. This would limit to become his only defining characteristic.

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5. Kuja He Has Too Many Liabilities To Pirates

Hancock’s position within the Kuja Pirates is probably the biggest thing that prevents him from joining the Straw Hat Pirates, or any other squad for that matter. For one thing, he is almost irreplaceable as its leader. The only possible choices are her sisters and Sheki, the latter of whom was recently revealed to be the former Empress of the Amazon Lily; However, it’s hard to imagine that any of them would fill the vast void if Hancock was gone. Even if he left Amazon Lily, his people would not be safe. world government agrees All Pirates among them. Leaving will reduce their fighting power. If Hancock ever sailed under Luffy’s flag in any form, he could be as a member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. That way, she can still be the leader that Kuja Pirates needs, while also going after her true love. This is a meaningful compromise of everyone’s interests.


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