Which anime about alcohol is the best?

with the success of Food War!: Shokugeki no Soma, Food-themed anime has grown in popularity. Although it is not well recognized by the anime community, many other titles also revolve around the making of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, such as takunomi, waiter And Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Cuisine from Another World. However, the two that stand out among fans are the slice-of-life series. barber And Love is like a cocktail.

Both were praised for their brilliant writing, uplifting emotions and how to create mouth-watering cocktails that viewers would love to try in real life. barber And love is like a cocktail Well worth the watch for anyone looking for a relaxing slice-of-life anime featuring the use of alcoholic beverages. Despite their similarities though, each anime has its own way of demonstrating its plot as well as the process of making each of the cocktails featured, which is important for viewers interested in making them for themselves.

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bartender’s plot

Araki Joh’s successful Iyashiki series barber Centers on Ryu Sasakura, who is extremely talented at bartending and cocktail making. Every customer she has is going through their own struggles, and they come to her bar in hopes that they can share their stories and solve their issues with one of their cocktails. As Ryu listens to them, he observes their feelings to find out which drink will help them the most.

She is then shown shaking her client’s cocktail before serving it to her. As they drink it, they discover why Ryu’s cocktails are one of a kind and manage to find peace within themselves. The dim lighting and calm atmosphere of the bar—along with Ryu’s immense skill and patience—are given an easy opportunity for customers to achieve this as they reflect on themselves through drinking. each episode of barber A cocktail and ends with a list of the appropriate amount of ingredients needed to make it.

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The plot of love is like a cocktail

romantic comedy series love is like a cocktail Featuring a young married couple named Chisato and Sora Mizusawa, who are undoubtedly devoted to their relationship. While Chisato is a successful head in the office she works at, she has a guilty pleasure for cocktails and Sora thoughtfully chooses to drink drinks for her. Whenever she consumes one of these drinks, she becomes upbeat and lively, contrary to her usual calm and level-headed nature.

This is followed by a brief overview of the narrator explaining how the episode’s featured cocktail is made. This is done by listing the ingredients needed and how much of each is needed. With each episode only lasting three minutes, there isn’t much time to show the actual process, as the anime tends to focus on Chisato’s life in the office and his romantic relationship with Sora.

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Bartender Betters Love Is Like a Cocktail in Both Storytelling and Teaching

When it comes to making these cocktails in real life, barber Does a far better job of explaining the process. Viewers not only get to see the recipe, but they also get to see the process that goes into mixing them. This lets them know that there is more to a recipe than just mixing all the ingredients together. on the flip side, love is like a cocktail This implies that one simply has to mix everything, suggesting that there isn’t much craft to be made in cocktails.

barber succeeds too love is like a cocktail In terms of setting and pacing. In contrast to the latter’s carefree tone and quick storytelling, barber Too far away and focused on self-healing. The episode takes time to introduce the client, discuss their adversary, and focus on Ryu’s attentive personality. With these aspects fitting well into the anime’s Iyashiki theme, barber Shows that alcohol can really have a positive effect on anyone.


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