What’s so strange about the Orihime Inu from MHK?

new season of hit shonen anime bleach It’s almost here, and now’s a great time to brush up on the who and what’s in author Tite Kubo’s legendary shnen adventure. it also means to compare bleachThe main cast of characters with more recent shnen titles such as My Hero AcademiaOr even compare their supernatural powers and abilities.

Ichigo Kurosaki the protagonist does not have an apparent twin My Hero Academia In terms of combat style or Quirks, but his friend friend Orihime Inoue certainly does. Her fairy powers are like a quirk, but if Orihime is reincarnated into Izuku’s world, there is only one powerful quirk that would suit her personality. However, using that Quirk as a hero won’t be that easy.

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Orihime Inoue’s Powers and Abilities in Bleach

First, Orihime’s core powers, abilities, and fighting style must be reviewed to determine what kind of story he is the protagonist. bleach, Unlike his friend Ichigo, who owns a Zanpakuto named Zangetsu, or his quinsy archer friend Uryu Ishida, Orihime has the ability to be named Shun Shun Rikka, or “six princess shielding flowers.” This power resides in the two six-petaled, flower-shaped hairstyles she always wears, which contain her spiritual energy. When Orihime activates Shun Shun Rikka, his powers take the form of six unique fairies, each with its own name and form, such as Tsubaki the attack-oriented fairy. With these three fairies, Orihime can use the three main “spells” to serve as a battle cleric for Ichigo, Chad, and Uriyu in battle.

Orihime can send Tsubaki alone to attack the enemy, but this rarely works because Tsubaki’s power is limited and Orihime isn’t a crime-oriented person anyway. Fortunately, Orihime’s other two Shun Shun Rikka spells are more powerful. Along with her two more fairies, Orihime can use Soten Kishun, arguably her main ability. This mantra envelops a single person in an oval-shaped block of sleeping spirit energy, and this mantra will completely negate or reverse anything that happens to the target. Most often, Orihime uses this reversal power to heal people, whether they suffer mortal injury or lose a limb, such as when he completely removed the missing left arm of Grimjou Jgerjax at Las Noches. restored. He has also healed Ichigo and Chad several times along with Soten Kishun.

Orihime’s third mantra is Senten Kishun, which includes its last three angels, which form a large, durable, triangular barrier of spiritual energy to protect himself and anyone around him. For example, during the final Ichigo-Grimj battle, she used this spell to defend herself and the child-like Arankar Nel Tu. Sometimes, however, Orihime can attach his Santon Kishun from afar and protect someone who is far away, such as the time when he called Yachiru Kusajishi to rescue him from Nanoitora Gilga.

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What will my hero academia quirk be Orihime Inoue?

In a sense, Orihime has three quirks at once, and his protective sentinel is reminiscent of Hakiji Tengai, one of the Eight Bullet members of Kishun Overhaul—a villain who combines durable, gold-colored barriers to protect himself. could. However, Orihime’s most defining ability is Soten Kishun, his rejection-based “healing” ability, which has saved the day more than once. This character-defining ability is easily compared to the young Erie’s Rewind Quirk—a powerful ability that can return an intended target to an earlier position. Like Soten Kishun, the Rewind quirk does not have a dedicated healing ability, and can be used in other ways. In theory, it could even reverse a person’s condition before he was born, causing him to disappear. In practice, Erie used this quirk to continually revert Izuku’s body to a pre-wounded state, negating the heavy physical toll of using One for All at maximum capacity during the final battle against Overhaul.

in the story of My Hero AcademiaAny use of Erie’s quirk is too risky, so at first, it sounds like a lousy quirk. bleachIs Orihime Inoue. However, there are other factors related to Arie’s age and personal experiences. Unlike UA students, who grew up in supportive homes and could train at UA, Tragic Erie was treated like a test subject. Persistent mental and physical trauma terrifies Arie, leaving her intimidated by her quirks and her abilities, meaning that this wild fear governs her and her use of rewind. That, along with her youthfulness and lack of experience, means that the issue is Aerie’s life, not her quirks. In theory, Arie could have mastered this quirk or at least tame it by the time she was ready for high school.

If Orihime Inoue had been born with Rewind, she could have mastered the main events bleach, Despite his goofy behavior and lack of prior war experience bleachOf the main events, Orihime is a mentally and emotionally strong man who has the severe mental fortitude to face hardship and trauma. Behind his mask is an iron will and disciplined mind, which means Orihime is a born hero like Ichigo and Izuku. With This Powerful Quirk At Your Disposal, Orihime Can Soon Heal Anyone With Ease bleach either My Hero Academia world, and if she becomes a UA student, she will definitely be the #1 Support Hero of Class 1-A. Orihime has the healing power of Eri, the heroic discipline of Izuku, and the warm charisma of Ochako Uraraka – a winning combination for any UA student.


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