What I Want to Know Before I’m a Villain So I’m Taming the Final Boss

The Summer 2022 anime season is almost over, and that means anime fans can eagerly await the many offers from the Fall 2022 season, from the long-awaited return to form. bleach for the beginning chainsaw valueis anime. In the meantime, anime fans looking for something a little more simple can try I’m the villain, so I’m tame the final boss,

The Fall 2022 season promises to be action-packed, but not every anime features chainsaw devils or superhero action. Attractive i’m the villain The anime promises to appeal to fans of shjo and romantic shonen anime as well, and it can compare favorably to similar titles such as my next life as a villain, The world of Otome Isekai anime is bigger and better than ever.

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I’m the villain’s plot and character, so I’m tame the final boss

i’m the villain is an otome isekai anime, just like its predecessor my next life as a villain, accompanied by a sports-loving young woman who finds herself teleported from her hospital room to the story world of her favorite Otome game. However, like Katarina Claes before her, this girl was reincarnated not as the flashy hero but as the game’s villain – the well-dressed but mean-spirited Elaine Lauren d’Trich. When the story of an otome game ends, characters like this meet a sticky ending, and reincarnated Eileen knows it, so it’s her mission to rewrite the game’s story and finish her storybook. – one where she does No humiliated, banished or worse end.

However, unlike Katarina Claes, the reincarnated Eileen believes she can survive not with a good co-ed harem of friends but with one man: the demon king himself, the sinister but handsome Claude Jean Elmaire. . Aileen’s fiancée, Prince Cedric, publicly calls off her engagement with Aileen in favor of Lilia, so Aileen turns the world of the Otome game on its head with Cedric’s evil half-brother Claude. Cedric thinks that Eileen’s love story is already over by leaving him for Lilia, but little does the prince know that Eileen’s otome adventure is just beginning, and the Eileen-Claude team may prove invincible. . Armed with her knowledge of game lore and Claude’s vast resources as the Demon King, Aileen will show her former fiancée who is the boss and become an Otome queen like her before.

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Where do I look and read I’m the villain, so I’m tame the final boss

Fans of Otome Isekai anime and storybook-style romance are bound to love i’m the villain, and they can dive straight into this story in one of three ways. Anime fans can tune in to watch this October i’m the villain Anime, which starts airing October 1 Streaming Giant Crunchyrollamong many other highly anticipated fall 2022 titles.

Meanwhile, online retailers offer digital and/or print versions of i’m the villain The light novel series and the manga adaptation are a work in progress with the light novel series. Interested readers can find print and digital volumes of both light novels and manga Amazon’s online book catalogAnd fans can also find these versions in print and digital format. Barnes & Noble’s Online Catalog, During this, Right Stuff stocks anime print editions of both manga and light novel series.


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