Welcome to Monster School! Season 3 should drop Iruma Romance

Welcome to Monster School! Slated to make its return to the Fall 2022 anime lineup, Isakai is gearing up for a third season of Mayhem and Audacity. Season 3 should start right where Season 2 left off, with merciful protagonist Iruma Suzuki becoming a minor figure in the Netherlands despite her desire to keep a low profile.

Isekai fans have a lot to watch in Season 3, and more iruma-kuno Fans are wondering if Iruma’s love life is about to end, what with her becoming more popular and influential than ever. However, the shipping wars may end before they even begin in Season 3 – and that may be for the best.

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Why shouldn’t Iruma Suzuki find a girlfriend in season 3?

Welcome to Monster School! It may not be a harem-based Isekai anime, but nonetheless, Iruma has some great options for a potential girlfriend at Babylon’s School. He is already befriended by troublemaker Walleck Clara and has become very close to Tsunder student council president Azazel Amery, and a few other girls are taking an interest in him as well. These are all solid choices for his first girlfriend, especially given Iruma’s strong chemistry with Ameri. But most likely it is not meant to be.

Iruma is secretly the only human student of the Babylonians who makes life difficult, even as her foster grandfather Sullivan protects her. Iruma can’t afford to reveal his secret, and this makes it difficult for him to befriend any monster, let alone be intimate with one. The less Iruma’s classmates know about her, the better, and any girlfriend of hers will be mysterious, disappointed, even if her boyfriend is so tight-lipped all the time. It’s a huge risk, even if Iruma gets close to a healthy girl like Eiko Oni or Haruno, and he knows it. Iruma can be meek and goofy, but he is not foolish or careless, even if he begins to notice the opposite sex He Way.

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On top of that, there may be some innate psychological or cultural differences standing in the way. Even if they look like humans in Halloween costumes, these monsters are actually creatures from another world that think and act in different ways to human Iruma. Monsters like Alice and Amery may feel human and have human character flaws for the comedy, but if Iruma becomes intimate with a demon girl, this hindrance can become a real problem.

The demons may have a very different concept of how romance and intimacy should work, and not only would Iruma not like it, his delusions could take away his human condition. Romance between humans is difficult enough, but romancing with a fundamentally alien mind may prove impossible – even though Ameri has dozens of shjo manga volumes for references on human romance.

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Where Iruma’s character arc might lead her instead

It might be fun to send Iruma off with all the girls around him; They have some good chemistry, and romance can add a whole new dimension to any story. But not only is he an alien with a carefully guarded secret that makes romance difficult, he’s also too busy for true love. The same may be true for all the girls in her class, many of whom will soon face serious challenges of their own. Iruma’s first year in Babylon was quite a busy one, but the upcoming Season 3 will see her school life start at a brisk pace, and there will be no time for dates or forbidden romance.

Iruma and her classmates soon face their biggest challenge ever Welcome to Monster School! And try to reach Rank 4 this year – or their homeroom teacher Naberius Kalego will kick them out of the splendid Royal One classroom for good, a fate they want to avoid. Reaching such a high rank so quickly will test Iruma and her classmates like never before, and they won’t have the time or energy to hook-up.

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Iruma can befriend more girls in her class and work with them to meet this challenge, but it’s not the time or place. Welcome to Monster School! Romance. Even Iruma’s best female friend, Azazel Ameri, has her hands full. Two lovely girls from Iruma’s unusual class, Elizabeth X and Kerori, will have pretty much any romance on their plate, even if the former is downright romantic. She’ll probably never get along happily with anyone in Season 3, let alone Iruma.

In the end, there’s a unique element to Iruma’s character arc that could stall any romance: becoming the new Demon King. Season 2 saw Sullivan describe the previous Demon King, Durkilla, who left his throne open for an heir. Incredibly, the prophecy outlined someone who almost exactly matches Iruma’s description: another world holding the Ring of Solomon. Given that prophecy and Iruma’s “minus the hero” character arc, Iruma’s quest to become the next King of the Netherland could take center stage in Season 3 — and it will certainly keep her too busy for romance.


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