War meets Satan in the latest chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga

The following includes spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, “Spoilers” by Tatasuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heap, now available in English from Vis Media.

Most readers would expect a dramatic and tumultuous meeting between the fearsome Chainsaw Man and the vengeful War Devil. It may have been later followed (pun intended) with a declaration of war. In a million years no one could have guessed what would happen in Chapter 104? chainsaw value — and the worst part is, none of the characters involved realized how close they were to danger.

Denji and Asa – the Chainsaw Man and the War Devil as their other selves – meet in the most unlikely of places and in the most comfortable of circumstances. Tatsuki Fujimoto skillfully weaves tension into his short encounter through the use of irony because only the fans know the truth. Now that the two have reunited, though through their human ships, it is only a matter of time before they will fight face to face.

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Denji reveals his true identity to Asa – but she doesn’t believe him

Poor Denji is doing his best to reveal his true identity, from defending the chainsaw man on the live broadcast to intentionally leaving his ID at the scene. After Yoshida foils his plan, he explodes and tells the latter that he only wants a girlfriend – because what girl wouldn’t like him when they find out he’s some kind of superhero? Danzi isn’t too picky about the kind of girl he wants to date; Someone desperate would be fine with him. And who better than the girl who asked Yoshida: Asa?

From the outside, as the three of them – Denji, Asa and Yoshida – stand outside together, it looks like three friends are walking around the school. In fact, it’s heartbreakingly reminiscent of another trio readers have seen before. Chainsaw Man. Perhaps in Second Life, if things were different, the three of them – Denji, Power and Aki – could have been like this.

Despite the conversation being brief, the school scene is enough to strike fear in the hearts of fans. Denji is not known for her smarts and Yurou has already proved how cunning and bloodthirsty she can be. In his bid to be a girlfriend, he could easily slip up and tell a man should not That he’s the Chainsaw Man – that actually happens. Unable to stand talking to Asa, Denji fiercely defends his alter ego, even going so far as to say that the Chainsaw Man has a pure heart. He announces that he is Chainsaw Man, but instead of impressing Asa, it has the opposite effect and makes him think he is just some Chainsaw Man Stan.

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Does Yurou know Denji is the Chainsaw Man?

Ironically, Denji was only saved because, logically, the Chainsaw Man wouldn’t be revealing his true identity to everyone. In fact, no one will believe him until he transforms into the Chainsaw Man. Interestingly, Yurou remained calm throughout the conversation. While it is possible that she, like Asa, thought that Denji was just bullshit, it is more likely that she may have read Denji’s words differently from his human vessel.

As the War Devil, Yurou’s power comes from creating the people she considers her weapon. In her debut, she turned the teacher into a weapon because she was able to turn her love for Asa against her. He tried to ask Yoshida, and was unsuccessful, and Asa rejected him when he suggested turning Yuko into a weapon. If she believed Denji, she could try to make him her boyfriend, turning the Chainsaw Man into a weapon. Even though she didn’t believe in him, turning him into a weapon would be beneficial to her as her goal is to weaponize many humans.

At the same time, Yurou might not believe Denji. It was established back in chapter 55 that devils have a keen sense of smell. Denji was able to defeat Makima because he was only interested in Chainsaw Man, not Denji, which resulted in him not paying attention to Denji’s smell. The same could happen for Yurou. Because she has fought the Chainsaw Man in the past, she will be more attuned to his smell. As for Denji, his scent may not have alerted Yurou to his alter ego.


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