War Devil’s Astonishing Vulnerability Shows How Similar He Is to Denjik

The following includes spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, “Spoilers” by Tatasuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heap, now available in English from Vis Media.

Chapter 104 chainsaw value The meeting with the two heavy hitters, Chainsaw Man and War Devil for the first time, was important in terms of plot development, but it was also important in a more subtle way. The chapter focuses on Yurou and Asa, just before Denji and Asa meet at school. The two of them talk, and Yurou reinforces his hatred of the Chainsaw Man, although Asa is now more neutral towards him because he inadvertently saved his life.

Near the end of the conversation, Yurou confesses something to Asa, consequently changing his previous beliefs. Suddenly, Yurou ironically feels more human. Despite being an enemy – the war devil shares some surprising similarities with Denji.

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Enraged that she and Asa were saved by their mortal enemy, Yurou does the only logical thing she can think of: she punches a pillow and throws a tantrum. War is coming from Satan whose mission is to bring back nuclear weapons to start the war back, albeit immature, to see such a human reaction is unexpectedly endearing. Despite being part of the Four Horsemen and in the same league as Makima, Yurou doesn’t have the same impressive aura as Control Devil.

Asa asks Yurou why she hates Chainsaw Man, and War Devil tells her that the two of them fought a long time ago, with the Chainsaw Man “eaten” from her body, weakening her. As explained in part 1 of chainsaw valueThe reason most devils fear Chainsaw Man is because he has the ability to devour devils and banish them from existence. Although the concept of war has not been erased from people’s memories, many people have already forgotten about the great wars, such as when Makima mentioned World War II and Kishibe didn’t know which one. was talking about. In an unexpectedly vulnerable moment, Yurou tells Asa that she fears people will forget her before she goes to sleep.

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Although Yurou sets out to defeat Chainsaw Man so that she “vomits back nuclear weapons”, her admission suggests that ultimately, she doesn’t want to forget. Her sense of self is strongly linked to her identity as the War Devil, and if she were completely consumed by the Chainsaw Man, she would cease to exist. Although the devils are never completely dead as they go through this endless cycle of rebirth in hell; Once they are reborn, the memories of their past lives are completely gone. This is when Denji ate Makima: The Control Devil reincarnated into a young girl named Nayuta, who does not remember her past life as Makima.

In some ways, Yurou’s goal is similar to Denji’s. since he returned in part 2 of chainsaw value, he is bravely trying to tell the world that he is the Chainsaw Man. Although he claims he’s doing it because “women will be over me,” the reason goes much deeper than that. Right now, the world is making him a hero, although ironically, Chainsaw Man was never made to be a hero as he is considered the embodiment of people’s fear of chainsaws. Denji is, by all accounts, nothing like a hero: he’s raucous, ruthless, and simple. However, as the Chainsaw Man, he is loved by the citizens. Denji’s sense of self-worth depends largely on his identity as the Chainsaw Man.

That’s why it initially looks like Denji hasn’t changed since Part 1 – in some ways, he can’t. He fell in love with Makima, but he cared about Pochita, or the Chainsaw Devil. Makima told him that, as Denji, he had essentially no value. Since then, Denji has not been told otherwise and still carries the heavy weight of his unresolved trauma. He probably still believes that he can only be loved if he is a chainsaw man. While Yurou intends to fight Chainsaw Man to maintain his identity as the Devil of War, Denji is more than happy to dismantle his human identity and fully embrace Chainsaw Man.


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