[Updated] Spoiler Raw Scan for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270, full story, leaked synopsis and what to expect in this chapter

In Chapter 270 of Tokyo Revengers, we not only see Kesuke Baji in all his middle school splendor, but we also delve into the lives of various characters in the canon chronology. Haruchio and Wakasa both play important roles in this chapter, with the former expected to be more important in later chapters. Nonetheless, Shinichiro Sano stands out as the main focus of the chapter. As Mickey’s life diminishes following the death of his brother, we accompany him through the final chapters of Tokyo Revengeers (Chapter 270). By the end of the chapter, Shinichiro has learned the truth about time travel through a leap in time.

The original timeline for the lives of Baji, Haruchio, Miki, Wakasa, and Shinichiro is depicted in Tokyo Revengers chapter 270. As we saw in the previous chapter, Mickey’s childhood injury left him in a vegetative state from which he never fully recovered. original timeline. As a result, Miki and Baji probably never met Chifuyu or Draken, and there would be no Tokyo Manji gang in that scenario. Worth My Wile is the title of Chapter 270 in Tokyo Revengers.

This section is Chapter 270. will summarize
Beginning with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270, Shinichiro and Baji travel to juvenile prison to retrieve Haruchio, who is serving time for using a katana to injure his friends. Baji is hesitant to rekindle ties with his boyhood friend, but Shinichiro assures him that the way Haruchio reacted was because he felt threatened by people who were making fun of Mickey. . When Haruchio is released from prison, he is surprised to see Shinichiro and Baji waiting for him. Takeomi and his brother have severed ties, as seen in Tokyo Revengers chapter 270. They accompany Shinichiro to see Mickey, who has been in a vegetative state for so long that none of them can recognize him.

Haruchio and his childhood friend Mickey are both amazed to see this man. After the passing of his grandfather, Baji worries about Shinichiro, who has thrown himself into caring for Miki and studying to become a nurse. Since Emma left her at home, she is now in danger of falling. Baazi, though, sadly, doesn’t have long for Mickey to live. A month later, on July 20, Manjiro Sano actually dies. Shinichiro’s loss of control stems from the demise of his brother. He tells Wakasa that in search of Manjiro’s cure, he paid a lot of shady groups. Waka, now the gang boss and bar owner, takes his old friend out for a drink. They meet there to tell a wild story about an elderly man who claims to be able to travel through time. Shinichiro goes to the drunk man and asks him about the time jumper. As a punishment for their silence, he viciously attacks them before asking again.

It is clear that the events of Chapter 270 of Tokyo Revengers differ significantly from the official timeline in terms of the personalities of the characters involved. Baji is in middle school but does not care for his mother’s wishes and does not attend class. In the established time frame, he doesn’t look nearly as dangerous as he does here. Haruchio has short hair and bruises on his left eye. Wakasa sports the same tattoo that fans of the series have associated with Benkei. Since Mickey was the last in his immediate family, it makes sense that Shinichiro would cling to him so strictly at the expense of his own needs. Although he apparently maintains at least some contact with Wakasa and Takeomi, he appears to be much less mentally stable than his canon counterpart. From what he’s said, it sounds like he’s less interested in doing the right thing and more interested in getting his way.

The identity of the Ancient Leeper remains unknown, despite the fact that Bender’s story involved a trigger. Since Wakasa is chosen in Chapter 270 of Tokyo Revengers, instead of any other friend of Shinichiro, it is safe to assume that he will serve as the catalyst. However, many fans have pointed out that Haruccio is as loyal to Mickey in the second timeline as he is in the mainstream, suggesting that he is the catalyst. Readers will have to wait until the next chapter to find out how mangaka Ken Wakui crafted it.

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