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Chapter 560. recap of
The first encounter between Mori and Mubong was detailed in chapter 560 of The God of High School. Mori delivers blow after blow to Mubong. But the world of war was cut in two with the first letter’s spear and ogre rod. Mubong’s body suddenly starts acting strangely. Mori learns that Mubong is actually a Tathagata and is planning to devour his child.

However, people on Earth banded together to oppose Mubong. Mubong was repeatedly attacked. Nonetheless, the god within Mubong’s body conquered him and eventually spread to the rest of the human colony in the New World. Even Mori was helpless to stop him from spreading disaster on Earth. Suddenly, Mubong took on a physical form and swallowed the whole god. He is back and eager to move on to the next round of battles with Mori.

Chapter 561 of “Lord of the High School”: Spoilers and Expectations
All the anticipation for Chapter 561 of God of High School will be worth it. The Internet is flooded with inquiries from fans about the continued relevance of Mujin Park. In the following Manhwa chapters, Mujin Park, aka Mubong, attempts to cleanse his body of any remaining remnants of the Tathagata.

To end the conflict and eradicate the threat to mankind, he will do it alone. The missing aspect of God is the focus of the second main topic of the next chapter of discussion. Moreover, it may be in vain if it even comes to the child of the prophet.

If Mubong loses his child, he may go crazy because that child will never know how lucky he has been. So the result of the next chapter is still up in the air. No matter what happens, Mori has to deal with the issue.

Publication Schedule for Chapter 561 of “Lord of the High School”
The God of High School Chapter 561 will be made available on 20 September 2022. The action in this manhwa has grabbed the attention of every reader. Questions about what will happen in the rest of the anime are filling the web. You can find it on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

The next chapter 561 will be an exciting suspense story. Again, Mori engages in battle with Mubong, and Mubong does not die. Mubong has cast off the god as a potential threat to mankind. The world may have lost many Gods, yet there is a little God here. There is a chance that he will rise from the dead to avenge the child of the prophet. At this critical moment, Mubong needs to take charge. Looks like Mubong and Mori will have to continue their fight in the upcoming episodes of Manhwa. The presence of God in the future human world is the biggest issue in the present. As far as I can tell, the big fight will continue in the next chapter. One chapter is enough to cover all this. Perhaps the publishers will be ready to continue with four more chapters.

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