Toru’s MBTI Type and How It Defines Him

Jacob’s Guide to Babysitting is a delightful comedy anime that debuted in the Summer 2022 season, and has a small cast of absolutely lovable characters in a surprisingly good story. The protagonist is tough-talking mobster Toru Kirishima, who, despite his reputation as a “demon”, is actually a big softie on the inside, making him the perfect babysitter for the boss’s younger daughter, Yaeka.

Toru doesn’t like to admit it, but he has a gentle, charming personality and always puts others first, which means he is an inter mo anime character. His true personality is described not with his violent yakuza antics or his cool tattoos, but with his MBTI personality type, which sheds some light on what kind of person Toru really is.

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Toru Kirishima’s MBTI Type: ISFP, The Adventurer

Toru Kirishima’s personality isn’t easy to nail down; As a Gap Mo character, he is full of contradictions and erratic behavior. Still, based on his most meaningful and emotionally vulnerable scenes Jacob’s Guide to Babysitting, Toru can generally be described as the adventurous personality type, or ISFP. It means experiencing introverted sensing, a person who has a vibrant inner life and a calm outer life. Sure, Toru’s personality on the outside and inside is completely different with each other, and that makes her all the more compelling.

ISFP is one of the most artistically creative, eccentric, and emotionally sensitive personality types, being the introverted counterpart to the fun ESFP entertainer type, which in anime often describes Genki girls like Marin Kitagawa and Mina Ashido. An adventurer will share an entertainer’s preference for practical activities and being attentive to their surroundings, except that the ISFP has a smaller, more carefully designed social circle and focuses on fewer interests at a time. Is. The funny thing is, the humble, self-deprecating ISFP would rarely acknowledge how colorful and vibrant their personality is.

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An ISFP is a highly open-minded person who can accept almost anyone for who and what they are, and they are big on forgiveness and second chances. As far as their social life is concerned, ISFPs are timid and need alone time to recharge, but like ESFPs, they are highly sensitive, affectionate, nurturing, friendly and kind to the emotional state of others . They have some overlap with the equally liberal ISFJ defender type, except ISFP adventurers don’t make their career out of it; They take life as it comes. While ISFPs are sensitive to what other people think of them, these free-spirited individuals are afraid to be themselves and express their desires, feelings, and creative ideas however they can.

There is a lot to like about this personality type. Adventurers are lovable and accessible because of their tolerant, easygoing and kind natures, and they are charmingly curious and creative. They are also practical thanks to their observant and perceptive nature, useful for any art project or for caring for the needs of others. However, this type also has its drawbacks. A typical ISFP is too independent for its own good, so it can contend with stricter rules such as a modern office, a college class, and of course, a military or police force. ISFPs can also be subject to criticism and negative pressure, being too sensitive and gentle to brush off hurtful comments like an INTJ architect. ISFPs can also be a bit too competitive and struggle to make long-term plans for their careers and finances.

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Toru Kirishima as an adventurer in Jacob’s Guide to Babysitting

Jacob’s Guide to BabysittingThe tough-talker Toru is unusual among his fellow ISFP adventurers. Such people are rarely so outspoken or confrontational from the outside, but as an official yakuza member, Toru likes to surround people and challenge them to fight, sometimes acting like an ENTP debater.

However, it’s only Toru’s tough exterior; He is a true ISFP on the inside, and that side of him can be his authentic self. Toru is convinced he is a monster, but his friends and boss believe he is a good person who has only made a few mistakes. No matter his violent criminal antics, Toru is actually a kind, sensitive man, and flashbacks also show him as a gentle, loving boy living with his single mother.

Toru’s authentic ISFP nature is why she accepted Yaeka’s job of babysitting, even though she was not ready for such an important task. His fears soon proved unfounded; He quickly and easily formed a relationship with Yeka as an introverted partner who is deeply sensitive to the needs of others. No matter his actions, Toru values ​​all his friends and allies and accepts everyone for who they are. He also has his own creative side, such as when he helped create a series of comedy videos during the sequence of a filler episode, and he acts erratically and impulsively, rarely planning ahead. It makes everyone around it happy and disappointed.


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