Toru emotionally confronts his inner demons

Jacob’s Guide to Babysitting Summer 2022 is a catchy comedy anime of the anime season, but it’s not always fun and games. For the most part the series is about Gap Mo – with true gangsters being good friends and babysitters – but things take a dark turn in Episode 11 as Kirishima Toru faces his worst fears.

In the last episode, little Sakuragi Yeka was worried that the good times would soon end and her new friendship would be broken. His fears almost come true in Episode 11, but he and his mob friends Kei and Aoi save Toru from the brink – and Toru’s character arc takes an important step in the process.

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Toru has a dual nature from the beginning Yakuza, carefully balancing his violent “demon” persona with his innate goodness, and the owner of the Sakuragi family is determined to prime Toru’s healthy side. That way he can grow up to be a responsible, caring and reliable person, not just a wild Tokyo Revengers-style punk. Toru quickly agrees to babysit Yaka and thereby rediscover himself, but despite all his progress so far, he still fears he may never overcome his demonic side – especially When white-suited mobster Mashiro provokes that side of him. Toru fears that he has become his worst enemy in episode 11, and he won’t let anyone else pay the price.

Yaeka ends up in the hospital for his injury, and Sakuragi helps Toru control himself before Kazuhiko kills his enemies, but he isn’t out of the woods yet. The external battle may be over but Toru’s internal struggle continues, and she fears it may never end. In Toru’s own mind, his “demon” side and his real good side are destined to clash forever, and the demon side refuses to submit.

If Toru can go wild and almost kill a man like that, he’s likely to do it again; Thus he escapes from the Sakuragi compound, leaving only a text message for his friend Kei. Even if Toru gives up on her own, however, Kei, Yeka and Boss will not. Toru is not a monster; He is only a victim of his own mind and is underestimating the power of friendship and family. Toru is supposed to be the new Lloyd Forger, and if Lloyd will risk it all for Anya, Toru can face his own demons and what Yeka needs to become a babysitter.

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In episode 11, Toru believes he is becoming great by running away to save Yeka and Kei from the terror of his demon side. However, he’s running away in more ways than one, and it’s not a path to character development or happiness. Toru is only prolonging the problem, and if he runs from the Sakuragi family, he has nowhere to go. This is why Toru’s friend Aoi Toichiro scolds him for running away like this, and the normally polite Kei soon does too much. Kei urges Toru to finally get stronger to overcome his demon side and the Dai Yeka is needed, as he is above all a savior. Toru must save Yeka not from his demon side, but from his own suspicions.

Toru finally agrees and returns home with Yaeka and her friends as a more confident, confident babysitter. The power of friendship wins once again, with Toru determined to find the inner strength needed to be a proper Inter Mo Dai and keep his evil side under control. However, this also raises the question of which side of Toru is real. For a time, he believes that she is a demon and that being a healthy babysitter is just an act.

In contrast, Yeka, Kei, and Aoi believe that Toru is naturally a good person, and that his demon side is simply an unfortunate personality that doesn’t need to be defined. The battle to uncover the “real” Toru Jacob’s Guide to Babysitting Not to be won so easily, but at least for now, he agrees to give his good side a chance and doesn’t let the demon side decide his fate. This brings him one step closer to admitting that he is a great person who sometimes just gets carried away, and completing that quest should bring Toru some much-needed inner peace.


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