Tokyo Mew New Season 2 Lands 2023 release date

Ichigo Momomiya and his friends will return for new adventures in Season 2 of Tokyo Mew Mew New, which will begin airing episodes in April 2023.

season 2 Tokyo Mew Mew NewA reboot of the 2000s shojo classic, it will begin airing in April 2023.

The news was announced on the series’ official Twitter page, along with a new teaser featuring main protagonist Ichigo Momomiya and his fellow Mew Muse. The season 2 premiere coincides with the 20th anniversary of the completion of the original manga, which took place on 4 April 2003, with the final volume being released. The new season also marks the 65th anniversary of Kodansha. nakayoshi magazine, which sorted Tokyo Mew Mew.

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Many of the main cast, including all five Meow Muse, will be reprising their roles from Season 1. Yuki Tenma is once again starring as Ichigo, Mirai Hinata will return to play Minto Aizawa, and Ryoko Juni will reprise the role of Lettuce Midorikawa. Rian Toda will voice Pudding Fong, and Momoka Ishii will voice Jakuro Fujiwara. Other returning cast members include Yuma Uchida, who plays Ichigo’s love interest Masaya Aoyama, and Yuichi Nakamura, who plays Ryo Shirogane, the boy scientist who gave Ichigo and the other muse his special powers.

Tokyo Mew Mew New, More Than Just a TV Show

Several promotional events have been planned for the new season of Tokyo Mew Mew New. A live cast reading of a script will be held at the Jiji Press Hall in Tokyo on January 7-8, 2023. The five main artists have also formed a J-pop idol group called Smethys, which will be doing a live reading on November 22, a Christmas show on December 22, and a live performance in March 2023. The group also has a new album in the works, which will be released on January 18.

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Tokyo Mew Mew The manga was created by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by the late Miya Ikumi. The story revolves around a young girl named Ichigo Momomiya, who is one day stunned by a strange ray that mixes her DNA with that of the Iriomote wildcat. This event gives Ichigo incredible agility, as well as the ability to transform into the super-powerful magical girl Mew Ichigo. She and four other girls, whose DNA was also scrambled, are selected to take part in the top-secret Mew Project set up to stop a mysterious alien threat known as Deep Blue. Animation studio Pierrot released a 52-episode series adaptation that aired from 2002 to 2003.

season 2 of Tokyo Mew Mew New will air on TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations. HIDIVE will follow the series as it airs in Japan. For those who want to watch the series before Season 2, Season 1 is available to stream on HIDIVE. The manga is available in English from Kodansha Comics.

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