This Reveals Who Started the Iconic Food Fight

The following contains spoilers for RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 12, “Best Day,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

RWBY: Ice Queendome There’s been a wild ride in expanding the core lore RWBY The principle anime explored a parasitic new Grimm, introduced a new type of Hunter that specializes in catching this type of Grimm, and asked the main characters to fight internal battles on a more personal level. Set the volume between. 1 and 2 of main RWBY Chain, ice queendom He sought to bridge a gap in Weiss Schnee’s characterization, in how head-on his childhood trauma, and how it was affecting his relationships with his new friends and teammates.

After a long, uphill battle against Weiss’s bodied nightmare Grimm, the members of Team RWBY resume their daily lives at Beacon Academy, culminating with a new look at the iconic. RWBY Volume. Episode 2 “Best Day Ever.” Although the new version of the iconic Food Fight reprises many memorable moments from the original episode, it also successfully integrates Weiss’s character development. ice queendom Story in an unexpected, yet logical way. While the original episode only contained who actually started the food fight, ice queendom Confirms that it was Weiss’s idea when a pie was accidentally thrown in his face.

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Weiss Started the Iconic Food Fight—and It’s Perfect

As unusual as it may seem, the idea of ​​a rules-oriented girl like Weiss ever starting a food fight makes sense, at the same time, in terms of disclosure. ice queendom story, and is consistent with the themes explored. The first details about Weis were established in the first three episodes of ice queendom (Which wasn’t really talked about in Volume 1 of the original series) How unhappy she was with her home life.

In the first episode of Weiss, she is portrayed as rude when interacting with members of her family, all of whom invalidate her fighting skills and attend Beacon Academy in Vale to become a Huntress. invalidating his decision. The only people who validate her decision are her older sister Winter and her butler Klein Sieben, the latter of whom is more affectionate towards her. For fans familiar with the original RWBY In the series, Winter supports Weiss’s decision to leave Atlas for Vale, explaining that he is sympathetic to his younger sister’s desire to forge her own path in life, noting that Winter has done exactly this for herself. Worked.

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Winters supporting Weiss also makes reference to why she likes her older sister as much as she does. Winter’s desire to live up to expectations also informs the people Weiss has for herself when she enrolls at Beacon Academy. Not only does she take herself very seriously to the point of gracing her partner Ruby Rose and idolizing Pyra Nikos—whom she sees as her equal—but also behaves in ways that seek validation from other adults. want. Specifically, she wants the school’s headmaster, Ozpin, to recognize her academic performance and her talent as a fighter, and be named team leader so that Winter can be proud of her.

Of course, Weiss doesn’t get what she wants, which eventually leaves her vulnerable to the nightmare Grimm eventually possesses her body. When Weiss is left in a coma, Nightmare Grimm creates a hellish dream scene built from memories of childhood trauma and unresolved anger towards his father, Jacques. Weiss’s idol of Winter appears as her, wearing an Atlassian military uniform like her sister, while her inner child is kept closed and hidden. When her inner child is allowed to run wild and free in her nightmare world, it reveals all the childhood desires that Weiss was forced to suppress as a result of the emotional abuse.

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Weiss who started the food fight finally gave her a fun, childlike feel

Weiss’s childhood desires include quality time with her family, being validated by her parents and being able to do all kinds of fun activities that normal kids get to do. Entertaining activities such as going to the amusement park and eating sweets, and being able to play outside with a group of friends. The fact that she got nothing to do as a kid is made all the more important is her decision to start a food fight in “Best Day Ever.”

As a 17-year-old girl who is quickly moving towards adulthood, this is one of the few occasions that Weiss has to do something really fun and childish. Instead of getting into a standoff and reminding her friends of the school rules as she usually does, she uses this opportunity to throw a pie in her face to let herself loose and Do something she’s always wanted to do: break the rules and be a little naughty. Get in trouble for something really stupid like starting a food fight with your friends, as opposed to getting in trouble for offending your alcoholic father.

, since the whole point of RWBY: Ice Queendome Setting Weiss on his way to becoming a more authentic version of himself, starting a food fight for him is the best way to end his character arc.


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